You Need A Budget Make Budgeting Easy

By: Eric Transue

Do you want help budgeting? For most the response is of course. Budgeting doesn't need to cause headaches. Budgeting can be simple using You Need A Budget.
What is YNAB Pro?
YNAB is a software program used to create and follow a budget. You Need A Budget Pro makes it easy to set limitations for budgeting categories and track how you are doing.
The goal is to quit living paycheck to paycheck. This is done by creating a one month cushion. The one month buffer is equal to how much you make in one month. The buffer is used to budget for the current month. For example if the current month were April, you would be budgeting and spending money you made in the previous month. Don't worry if you don't have sufficient money saved up for your cushion. You Need A Budget will teach you how to create it.
Once you have a buffer created you will no longer be surprised when unpredicted expenses such as car trouble or medical expenses arise. You can now roll with the punches. You are no longer limited by one months worth of pay. Go ahead and dip into your reserve cushion. You Need A Budget will adapt your next months budget by subtracting whatever you borrowed for the unpredicted expense. So if you are twenty dollars over buget in May, then you will get twenty less dollars to use for budgeting in June.
Here are theYNAB basics.
Are you below budget? Are you over your budget? With You Need A Budget Pro you will quickly be able to tell.
When you begin the software you create budgeting categories or use the defaults. You can use standard categories such as Debt Reduction, or break it down with subcategories such as "Debt:Charge Cards" and "Debt Reduction:Automobile Loan".
Next, enter your transactions in the YNAB Pro. Record the transactions manually or download them in MS Money or Quicken format. You will then assign a budgeting category to every transaction in your register.
The budget screen shows your financial data for the current month using three columns; Spent, Budgeted and Balance. The "Budgeted" column will be filled in manually by yourself. As you insert an amount for every category it will be subtracted from that months money available. The next column "Spent", will be filled in automatically as you specify categories to each transaction in the register. The last column "Balance" will display how much below or above you are for that budget category.
The You Need A Budget report screen will give you a graphical representation of where you currently stand. This screen lets you to easily see how much money you are spending each month and your ongoing balance for each budgeting category.
You Need A Budget, is all about budgeting.
There are other personal finance software programs. For a reasonably priced Quicken Alternative or a MS Money Alternative, YNAB Pro is the solution for you. Most programs have to many options distracting the user from the budgeting basics. YNAB Pro uses a proven methodology making budgeting simple and easy to stay with.

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If you are having issues creating a budget, give the You Need A Budget Personal Finance Software Program a try, it worked for me.

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