You Joined An MLM - Are You Nuts? The Image Of MLM Must Change

By: WarrenSmithMT

The MLM industry has a bad name.

If you've been in a network marketing business for longer than 24 hours, you've already seen people roll their eyes and give you that "not you too" look. Probably had a family member chastise you for being suckered into another "pyramid scheme".

Over the years there have been too many people selling the fantasies of getting rich quick, quitting your job, telling your boss where to go... And...IT"S STILL HAPPENING!

No one seems to be telling the truth about MLM. The reality is that building a lucrative MLM business is such hard work that 97% of people fail.

Why does fantasy sell?

We want what we want, and we want it NOW!

Our society is impatient, and everything we desire should be given to us as fast as possible. No waiting, no's all about simple immediate gratification.

Consider our North American habits: fast food, processed food, drive through coffee kiosks, drive through pharmacies, banking,... everything that used to have relationships is being replaced with getting immediate service with as little human interaction as possible.

We can all instantly rattle off the stage names and real names of the members of the TV show "Friends", but don't know the names of our neighbors two doors down. We know more about the private lives and troubles of professional athletes than we have knowledge of the issues in our own communities.

We work longer hours, spend less time with our families and wonder what's wrong with our children.

How many people have you met that want to talk only about themselves, and when you get the chance to talk, want to know what you think about them?

In short, we have become more self oriented and less focused on creating meaningful relationships. Everything is superficial.

Ok, that's enough of the ranting....

The MLM Industry breaks that pattern - or at least it's supposed to - because networking is about creating relationships.

As far as getting into an MLM opportunity, most people join because they see the lure of huge commission checks, freedom and the promises that it will happen quickly. The majority join for the right reasons, but with the wrong expectations - expectations that are founded on how we function in today's society.

I can't even count the number of people I've talked to over the years who hate their jobs and have tried everything and anything to generate a replacement income. They spent their money, joined a company, got some product and expected the world to come to them. When it didn't they simply gave up.

Oh yeah, those people still hate their jobs. (I wouldn't let them work with me due to their false expectations)

Network marketing is a viable business most frequently undertaken by people with no knowledge of how to market. because no one ever took the time to teach. In fact, most people quit within 90 days, because they're hemorrhaging money to pay for marketing, and pay all of, or more than their commissions to market their product.

You need to put money in your reps pockets quick! And keep it going in! The only way to do that is with affiliate marketing, which pays them and pays for their marketing costs while they start to build their MLM business.

If you're not offering your reps this tool, you'll need more reps - who'll all do the same thing: fail. Or you can learn how to give your reps a chance... which will grow your business over months and years.

It's time to change our industry by being mindful leaders who not only want our team to succeed, but can show them how (and no, you don't have to re-invent the wheel to train them if you have a system).

I encourage you to find such a system, change your means and make a difference in your reps lives.

If you follow the link below, you can become the difference you want to see in this industry.

Warren Smith

Get Ahead In Life Marketing Group

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