You Invest Your Hard Earned Money to Obtain the Resell Rights for a Product

By: Jatinder Kataria

You Invest Your Hard Earned Money to Obtain the Resell Rights for a Product

If you want to buy an Ebook, and the license says that you canít package and sell the Ebook with any other products, then I wouldn't buy it. Authors who donít want people to package their book with other products, do this because thereís less of a chance that their book will get read.

It's understandable. If you download a package of 50 Ebooks, what are the chances that you will read all those books? When the author says that you can buy and resell his/her book, but canít sell it below a suggested price then just donít do it.

It's bad business if you do it, and lowering the price will not actually help you to sell more copies. People want "more value", not "lower price".
Pack on the benefits and bonuses instead! But here's a word of warning... Itís very enticing for a newbie to hear that they can just take a product and make profits simply by marketing it.

Thatís why resell rights products are such hot sellers. They promise big rewards with little effort.

Since so many newbies are jumping online to find easy ways to earn an income, their eyes almost pop out of their sockets when they see a site selling ď300 products that you can resell yourself and keep all the profit for only 10 bucks!Ē.
No doubt, that is a great bargain. But a bargain is not going to make you any money. If you canít sell one product... how are you going to sell 300 different products?

In my opinion, a majority of products that come with resell rights packages are not worth 1/10th of their suggested retail price they say theyíre worth.
Ebook marketers like to tell you that youíre getting ďXĒ amount of dollars in value for their package. In many cases that number is usually cranked up to make the product look more valuable.

Keep in mind to do your own research, and this not only to protect yourself, but also to protect all your customers from any possible complaints, or in the worst case, a lawsuit.

Use your own judgment to decide on the value of a product before you invest your hard earned money to obtain the resell rights for a product.

If an Ebook is valued at $34.95 or $97.95, then it would not be bundled with 300 other products and sold for a lousy $14.95. It doesn't make any sense.

If the people who sell these products actually believe they are worth the suggested price, they would sell the products individually.

By the wayÖ I never see any of these types of products being sold individually. They are always part of a package or a membership price.

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