You Can Lower Your Gas Cost to 89 Cents For A Gallon Of Gas!

By: Scott Siegel

Discover how consumers have lowered their cost of gas to unheard of levels. One consumer paid 89 cents, another paid $1.09. They used a method that everyone uses all the time. they just applied it to gas.

Not long ago, Kellie Courtney of Cleveland paid only 89 cents per gallon of gas. Marion Charvat paid $1.09 a gallon. Marion filled her Volkswagen Jetta for only $12.45. How could they buy gas so cheap? They did it because they are smart consumers. Here's how they did it.

The reason that Kellie and Marion were able to purchase gas at such a low price is that they treated gas like it was any other item that they would go to a store to buy. They shopped around and they found a way to purchase their gas at the store that they found had the absolute lowest cost. They found a frequent shopper program that allowed them to lower their gas cost. They found it at a grocery chain called Giant Eagle.

Giant Eagle does business in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland and West Virginia. Recently Giant Eagle added a new component to their frequent shopper program. It is called Fuelperks. It is a program that offers discounts on gas at Giant Eagle's own stations for shopping at Giant Eagle using their frequent shopper card.

For every $50.00 of purchases using the frequent shopper card the consumer will get a 10 cent reduction in the price of gas for one tank fill up. Purchase $100.00 worth; get 20 cents off a gallon. Purchase $500.00 worth and get $1.00 off a gallon. Buy enough groceries and you can get gasoline for free.

A large family that may buy great amounts of food every week could find itself with big discounts in just a few weeks. The price of gas for them will be much lower because of the discount they earned. Giant Eagle grocery prices are competitive as are their gas prices so the savings are real.

You don't have to shop at Giant Eagle to lower your gas price. It can be done anywhere. You just need to be a smart consumer. You need to do your homework.

Gas is the same as anything else that you buy. Find the best prices like you would shop for the lowest prices like you would for other items. Find frequent buyer deals in your area that provide you with discounts on gas. Be on the look out for gasoline discounts and special programs where ever you see a pump. Many gas outlets now have frequent shopper programs that they didn't have before. Look for stores in your region that didn't used to sell gas but now does.

In order to compete with the new grocery gas stations many gas convenience stores are beginning to implement frequent shopper programs that will result in lower gas costs. But more and more traditional stores that never sold gas before are realizing that discount gas is a big incentive to get shoppers. Giant Eagle is one example of a traditional grocery store branching out to sell gas at a discount.

In the past year, 60% of newly built grocery stores included fuel pumps. That is up from 18% the year before. This is from studies done by the Food Marketing Institute. The more outlets there are the more discount programs that will be available.

The mega retailers are another place you should look for bargains. As in many areas Wal-Mart / Sam's Club are jumping into the gas business big time. The VP in charge of fuel for Wal-Mart says he is looking to extend Sam Walton's marketing strategy to gasoline by building gas stations at every Sam's Club throughout the country. In his view, putting in pumps should be "standard practice. It just fits our business model: we want to bring everything [to consumers] at the lowest price."

Treat gas like anything else you buy. Comparison shop all the time. Be on the look out for deals, and low prices. Find the stores that have the best program for you. Look for low gas prices at non traditional places like grocery stores or big box retailers. If you do your homework you might be able to buy that tank of gas for 89 cents.

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