Yoli Scam Report

By: Marius Ystenes

The intent of this Yoli Scam article is to give you an unbiased viewpoint on this new company from someone who is not affiliated with it in any way.

From the start you should be aware that most Yoli Scam reports are not made with your best interest in mind. Normally, the articles out there have one of two goals, either to (1) having you join Yoli hence the article is written by a Yoli distributor, or (2) having you join some other company which the author of the article is a part of.

Yoli has entered the network marketing industry with a big boom and it opened up for pre-launch in the middle of 2009. The official opening is scheduled for January 2010. Yoli is said to be a company founded by distributors for distributors and the Yoli is in fact aztec and has the meaning "to live".

Yoli's main market is the huge 50 billion per year energy drink industry together with the beverage industry in general and they have a patent on a technology that actually freeze dries the nutrition in their beverages at the peak of the ripeness and puts it into a capsule in powder form, and this is something never seen in the beverage industry before. When you as a consumer then wants to use the product, you attach the blastcap with the nutrition on top of your prefered choice of water, blast the cap open, and the nutrions will mix up with the water thus creating your drink right on the spot.

The question that arised in the start of this article is whether Yoli is a scam or not, if it really is a great product with a legitimate and good business opportunity attached to it.

So Is Yoli a Scam?
I can tell you right off the bat here that Yoli is in fact not a scam.

The main thing you should look for to decide if something is legitimate or not, is wheter or not people will buy the products even without being interested in the business side of it, and Yoli undoubtly has some amazing products that a lot of people will buy and enjoy. Distributors in Yoli are earning their money by selling their products and not just from sponsoring new members into the business opportunity, which is another sign of a pyramid scheme.

One should also check out the history of the founders and owners of the company, and all six of the people behind Yoli are very respected both within the professional network marketing industry as a whole and also within the "ordinary" business world. That Yoli within its first month in pre-launch is already at over $1 million in monthly sales says something of the experience and relationship to the industry these leaders are bringing to the table.

Daren Falter is also seen as the King of compensation plans and ethics in the industry, having written books on the subject and been functioning as a consultant for many MLM-startups during the years, and he brings a lot of credibility to the table.

Yoli is neither another "bedroom" MLM startup, but they have large office buildings in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is the "mecca" for legitimate MLM companies.

So, Will Yoli Make You Rich?
As in every MLM company out there, Yoli distributors you come across will most likely, in their best intention, give you the standard "hype" phrases, for instance that "you only have to find 3 who finds 3 and you will make a lot of money" or "we will do the work for you and place our entire team underneath you" or "this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity - we have Carl Lewis on our team!" and so forth.

The truth, though, if I might be very honest and straight-forward with you here, is that you succeeding in Yoli or not has NOTHING to do with Yoli at all, or any other network marketing company for that matter.

Building a network marketing business is no different from building an ordinary business when it comes to some very basic business building principles. In order for you to be successful, there is one skill you must learn above all other skill, and that is that you must learn how to MARKET your opportunity.

Yoli is a very legit business opportunity, and you can make A LOT OF MONEY with it, but only when you have the right marketing skills and marketing system in place!

If you want to experience success in Yoli your best road forward is to learn how to position yourself as a LEADER in front of your prospects. To position yourself as that person they are looking for that can take them by the hand and lead them from where they currently are to where they want to go. And the great part is, that once you've learned how to do this (and it's easier than you think), you can go into whatever company there is out there and be very successful doing it, and often much faster than you thought was possible.

And to be honest, over 96% of network marketers have no clue how to market their business the right way, leading to the huge failure rates we are experiencing in this industry.

Your first goal should be to learn the skills necessary so that you can be that leader your potential prospects would want to work with, and also to have a MARKETING SYSTEM set-up to do a lot of the hard work for you on autopilot. This marketing system should in fact position you as that leader (it's easier than you think) and also do alot of the selling and explaining for you, so that you can spend your time where it's most effective, doing more marketing and connecting with your most qualified prospects.

When all of this is in place, a marketing system that both teaches you the skills you need and also provides you with fresh leads all day long, your success in Yoli or any other company out there might not be as far away as you might feel it is at the moment.

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This Yoli Scam report shows that you can definitely succeed in Yoli and that it is a legit company. It is tremendously vital for your success that you have a marketing system in place, and if you go over to Marius Ystenes' Online Network Marketing blog you can find out exactly how to accomplish everything from A-Z in this industry.

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