Yoga is the Best Hidden Secrets to Increase Your Height upto 3 Inches within few weeks

By: gagan kanith

Sometimes there comes a plateau when you height and weight remains steady and do not increase. But since you are only 13 years old it is possible to increase your height with different yoga asana if you do them on regular basis. The common yoga pose for increasing height include tadasana, vriksasana, ardha uttanasana, salabhasana, garudasana, adho mukha svanasana and balasana. These poses will not help to increase your height but will also help to give you an erect posture. Besides practicing these poses also focus on eating a healthy well balanced meal rich in proteins and calcium. Visit now Picmoney dot com

Tadasana stand on the floor or on a yoga mat with your feet together. The weight of your body should be evenly balanced on both the legs. Keep the hands on the sides of each thigh. Stretch your thigh, pull up your knees apart, stomach in, chest out and tail bone tucked in. Inhale. Slowly raise your hands from the waist to the head. Stretch your extremities in opposite directions and hold for 30 seconds. Breathe in and out normally when you hold. Exhale and relax. Drop shoulders, hands and slowly relax your knees and thighs. This is a very simple pose and should be done with lot of happiness.

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