Yoga Myths BUSTED

By: Denise Biance

As a yoga teacher who primarily focuses on teaching yoga to absolute beginners, I apprehend that there are plenty of questions out there regarding what specifically yoga is. Every time I begin a brand new session with beginner yoga students, we have a tendency to spend some time in the primary class discussing what yoga is, and what yoga isn't. We additionally dispel a number of the misunderstandings that individuals could have regarding what it is that we tend to are going to try and do in our Absolute Beginner Yoga class.
Here are some of the most well-liked "myths" regarding yoga:
Myth one: I'm not versatile - I can't even bit my toes - so I am unable to do yoga.
This can be typically coming back from somebody who has the impression that if you go to a yoga class you will be required to place your foot behind your head. Not true. In my 10+ years of practicing and teaching yoga, I've NEVER been forced to travel beyond my flexibility during a yoga category, nor have I ever asked a student to either. We tend to every follow at our own level, at our own pace. And whereas the person next to you may indeed have her foot behind her head, it's perfectly OK if you do not. She will not get a medal for that, and you won't get a ticket for NOT doing that.
Myth a pair of: Oh my gosh, She's doing THE YOGA! Is not yoga may be a faith, or a cult?
I used to listen to this from my grandmother, who was quite worried that her oldest granddaughter had gotten concerned in "the yoga" and probably doomed for doing so. Now, while some practitioners may think of their yoga as a non secular expertise or lifestyle, here are some ways that in that yoga is not sort of a faith:
Yoga will not have a god to whom practitioners pray.
There are no rituals that must be performed in a very yoga practice.
Yoga has no sacred icons.
Yoga does not have a proper statement of non secular belief.
You do not need to declare any kind of religion to practice yoga.
There are no "yoga monks" or "yoga ministers" or any kind of ordained clergy.
Yoga has no institutional structure, leader or cluster of overseers.
You can't be a "member of yoga."
There aren't any "yoga temples" or "yoga churches"
Myth 3: Yoga isn't a "workout."
There are so many types of yoga asana (posture) apply out there that yoga will be what you would like it to be. You'll be able to notice mild, meditative categories that will help you relax and fall asleep. Or you can notice a power or vinyasa yoga class that will give you Madonna arms in no time! The bottom line is to figure out what you would like from your yoga follow, ask queries and realize the category that's right for you.

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