Yoga For Beginners - Five Myths Regarding Yoga Dispelled

By: Denise Biance

Have you ever ever thought of practicing yoga nonetheless feel you're too fat, too stiff or too previous to start out categories? Perhaps you're pregnant and would like to attend a yoga class, however you are worried the class might be too challenging for you.
There are a number of myths and preconceptions concerning yoga. As a yoga teacher, I receive heaps of inquiries from new students who voice their fears and considerations concerning yoga.
This text is meant to help dispel some of the common misconceptions I receive. See how several of the subsequent five myths you'll be able to establish with.
Five Standard Myths Concerning Yoga
Myth one: Yoga is solely for super-bendy-versatile people.
It does not matter how inflexible, stiff or tense you're, yoga can facilitate your become more flexible and open. Yoga is for everyone. Yoga encourages you to simply accept your body and to treat each yoga class as if it were your 1st ever class. Some days, your hips might feel tense, alternative days, more open and relaxed. It extremely will not matter how versatile you are. The foremost vital issue is to regular show-up and practice.
Myth 2: Yoga is yet another hyped-up-new-age-exercise class
Yoga is over five,000 years old. Its roots are steeped in the ancient history of the civilisation of the Indus Valley. Yoga is a lot of than "simply another exercise category". Traditionally, yoga was practiced as a form of spiritual devotion and meditation to enable people to expertise unity and oneness with the Divine.
In essence, yoga provides a philosophy of living in harmony with all. It emphasises the necessity to measure a healthy, natural way of life and for you to determine the good and beauty in all. Today, many people, particularly in the Western world, see yoga as a type of relaxation and exercise.
Myth 3: Yoga is simply too laborious and not appropriate for folks over 50 years old
Irrespective of your age, you can apply yoga. An experienced yoga teacher can be in a position to adapt poses and exercises to meet your individual needs. There are varied designs and faculties of yoga, ranging from very gentle classes to additional dynamic lessons.
Several of today's health issues, as an example, digestive disorders, arthritis, high blood pressure, are created worse by lack of exercise, poor dietary habits and shallow breathing. Yoga, with its stress on healthy living, e.g. eating wholesome natural foods, correct respiration, rest and positive thinking are ideal for older aged people. As they assert "you are as previous as you feel." My oldest student is a 92 year previous woman, who practices yoga in her wheel chair.
Myth four: You have got to be a vegetarian to observe yoga.
Many people who observe yoga eat meat and fish.
The foods you eat have a major influence on your energy levels. As a supply of energy, food can either drain or energise you. Yoga philosophy views all life as energy. The food you eat provides energy and serves to repair, strengthen and protect your body from disease.
From a yogic perspective, energy can be viewed in 3 forms, referred to as the three gunas - satva, rajas and tamas.
Sattvic foods are foods which are pure, natural and whole, e.g. contemporary fruit and vegetable, seeds, nuts, wholemeal foods. These foods nourish the body and promote a peaceful and harmonising impact on the body;
Rajasic foods are foods which are very hot, bitter, sour or salty. They need an interesting effect on the body and lead to you feeling over stimulated and excited, these foods include occasional, robust herbs and spices, chocolate. Eating too several rajasic foods weaken your internal sense of balance and calm.
Tamasic foods haven't any energy. They're thought-about to possess no life and deaden your energy. Foods, like meat, alcohol, highly processed foods are thought of tamasic.
From this attitude, as you follow yoga you develop a greater sense of inner calm and balance. You become attuned to your environment and gravitate towards eating more sattvic foods which naturally support you to maintain inner balance and calm.
Myth 5: Yoga may be a religion.
Yoga is multi-faceted. Yoga students come back from all walks of life, social background and faiths. It is a holistic means of living in addition to the most diversified religious observe in the world. Crossing over several cultures (together with Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Christianity) The practice of yoga, with its emphasis on cultivating inner peace and harmony can support you to strengthen your faith.
If you may identify with any of those myths, I hope this article encourages you to face your fears and sign on for your initial yoga class.
Let me understand, if you are aware of any other myths or preconceptions you're others might have concerning yoga and I'll do my best to answer your concerns.

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