Yoga At Work-What Are Corporate Yoga Classes?

By: Devender kumar

Most of the employees are bound to lead an inactive life because of the nature of their work. We spend our entire day at the desk, sitting in front of the computers responding to emails, texting, reading, etc. The office life revolves around desks and computers which ruins the physical and mental well-being of an employee to a great extent. Over time, people start to experience the negative health effects of the same. Obesity, body ache, musculoskeletal problems, cervical, lumbar strain, hypertension are some of the problems faced by employees. Reviving to the benefits of yoga, many progressive companies are embracing the science of yoga.

Many corporate offices are looking proactively towards the wellbeing of employees and are incorporating the concept of corporate yoga classes. Making corporate yoga exercises a part of employees daily routine can do wonders for them. It helps in relieving body fatigue, muscle stiffness and anxiety and keeps you active and refreshed all through the day.

These exercises donít ask much of your time and space and can be easily practiced in a dedicated area, helping you escape the unwanted discomforts in long run.

Take a look at the yoga asanas that corporate people can practice daily at their workplace:

1.Seated Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana: Sit on a floor and stretch your legs forward. Make sure your spine is erect. Breathe in, bow forward at the hips and rest your torso over your thighs. Extend your arms in front and try to hold the feet or the ankles. Bring your forehead in touch with the legs. Take deep breaths and remain in this pose for 30 seconds.

2.Eagle Pose or Garudasana: Stand upright and tall on a yoga mat. Bend your knees, square your hips to the floor and cross your left leg over your right one. Tuck the left foot behind your right calf. Raise your arms perpendicular to the floor, wrap them around such that left arm is under your right arm. Press the palms together and gaze at the thumbs. Hold this pose for 30 seconds.

3.Chair Pose or Utkatasana: Begin in mountain pose. Breathe in, raise your arms overhead and make them perpendicular to the floor. Breathe out, flex your knees and make your thighs parallel to the floor. Lower your hips to the ground and shift your weight to the balls of your feet. Gaze in the front direction. Remain in this pose for 60 seconds and slowly release.

4.Fish Pose or Matsyasana: Lie on your back and extend your legs in front of you. Press your forearms, elbows on the floor to uplift your chest, upper torso, and shoulders up above the ground. Slightly bend your head backward and rest the top of your head on the floor. Hold the pose for five relaxed breaths.

5.Standing Forward fold pose or Uttanasana: stand on a yoga mat with arms alongside your body. Upon inhalation; stretch your arms up towards the ceiling. Upon exhalation; bow forward at the hips and bring your palms to the floor beside your feet. Ensure your knees are straight.

6.Butterfly Pose or Baddha Konasana: Sit straight on a yoga mat with legs stretched in front of you. Breathe out; bend your knees and pull your heels close to your pelvic region. Bring the soles of your feet together. Clasp your toes with your fingers and move your knees up and down as wings of a butterfly. Stay in this pose for 30 seconds.

Introduce yoga into a corporate atmosphere that promotes overall health, greater focus, mental peace, thus creating a more productive and happy workforce.

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