Yoga And Natural Remedies For Weak Eye Vision

By: Abram Wilson

More than 30 percent of the global population suffer from hypermetropia or myopia to some degree and the disorder can be corrected by using a powerful eye glass or lenses but these methods do not revive the power of eyes to make it work normally. Yoga and natural remedies for weak eye vision can provide ways to alleviate disorders of the eye muscles such as hypermetropia and myopia. People who suffer from malfunctioning of the muscles due to emotional or chronic mental stress can take the remedies such as I-Lite capsule and do simple steps of yoga to get a revival in vision.

Yoga for weak eye vision involves a set of exercises which can help in improving functioning of the eyes, improving blood flow to the eyes and it can help in overcoming many eye related problems which are caused by aging. The problems of myopia, hypermetropia and other eye related problems can be controlled by taking natural remedies for weak eye vision and doing yoga. The techniques of yoga for weak eye vision that can provide relief from vision problems are:

1. Palming - The person should sit with closed eyes and take a deep breath to relax. The palm of the hands should be vigorously rubbed together until it gets warm and then the palm is to be kept on the eye lids.

2. Blinking - In yoga, it has been mentioned that one should blink frequently for eye exercises. Researchers now agree to this. Scientists have found that blinking helps in coating the eyes with three layers - first lies on the right up against the whites of eye. The middle is the watery layer and the third is the oil which prevents the middle layer water from evaporating and provides lubrication to eyes.

3. Sideway viewing and rotational viewing - To improve vision, the yoga involving movement of the eyes sideway in a regular manner as you lift the arm and fist closed and thumbs pointing upward are important. This should be repeated for 10 to 20 times. Rotational viewing is also recommended where the movement of head in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction is done.

Other methods involve inhaling in the proper manner looking in neutral position and exhaling on the sides and then inhaling and coming back to the centre. Along with yoga the intake of natural remedies for weak eye vision is recommended to improve vision. Natural remedies for weak eye vision contain herbs rich in antioxidants which can help in fighting age related deterioration of eyes. The person suffering from diabetes can take the herbal remedy to prevent vision loss caused by it. There are many herbs in the capsule mixed in appropriate ratio to provide the eyes with bioactive compounds that can help in improving the absorption of vitamins (A, E etc.) and minerals in body (zinc, iron etc.), that is taken through foods. This help in improving vision and controlling vision problems which grow with age. Its regular intake protects the body against macular degeneration, cataract and glaucoma.

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