Yii Framework For the Web Application Development

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Yii is component based free open source php web application development framework for developing large scale web application with high performance; it can significantly accelerate the web application development process maximum they can be used as reusability framework, Yii framework used to develop any type of web application framework. web application development(http://www.blazedream.com/blog/tag/web-application-development/) this helps to create good looking websites easy to quick , manage Yii framework that supports web latest application development.
Yii framework has several features they are discussed below
• Super fast
• Strong code controlling
• Fast in framework release
• Top technologies
• 100% OOPS framework

The user management allow you to access the different level of features such as easy to find and analyze the ” anonymous visitor”, “authenticated user” and moderator, this will enable your site to add more features.

Why Yii Frameworks?
Yii is MVC frameworks being efficient they are rich and clearly documented , The structure and framework are carefully designed for the web application development and services it is rich in web application development programming frameworks and applications. php development company provides you with Yii framework development
Requirements for the Frameworks:
To run the Yii framework web server PHP 5.1.0 required, it is pure object oriented programming (OOP) frameworks. Yii framework used to develop any type of web application framework.
Advantages of Yii:
Model-View-Controller (MVC) design pattern :
• MVC design pattern is the wide technology adopted in the web programming and development
• This architecture used to develop user interface and business logics without affecting other part, this Yii is designed with MVC architecture, they represent the communication between model and view
• Model - represent the information and business rules
• View - contain user interface such as text, form inputs
Automatic code generation :
• Yii framework is built with web based code generation tool called Gii.
• It supercedes the previous yii shell generation tool which runs on command line
Form input and validation :
• Yii simplifies the form input and validation with MVC architecture.
• populate the form with existing data or default values.
• validate user input, display appropriate error messages and these are stored in persistent storage

Authentication and authorization :
• Yii is built in authentication framework which is useful for customize user needs
• By using the Yii::app()-> we can check the current user are logged in
• By using CWebUser::isGuest we can check the current user are logged out
• The user can perform specific operations by calling CWebUser::checkAccess this function
Security :
Cross-site Scripting Prevention :
• Yii provide CHtmlPurifirer component for the developers for the HTML purifier
• This component capable of removing malicious code and filtered.
Cross-site Request Forgery Prevention :
• To prevent the CSRF(cross-site request forgery) GET method request is used to retrieve the data
• For the ensure the server the POST method is used

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