Yeast Infection Medication Can WORSEN Your Medical Condition

By: Linda Allen

From recent information, Candida infection impacts 75% - 80% of the whole population of developed countries. While hundreds of millions of dollars are invested every year to buy yeast infection medication, questions still have to be answered about their effectiveness and the dangers involved in taking such treatment against Candida infection. Yeast infection medicaments are more and more asked for by patients turning to drug manufacturers and providers for these products. This is because yeast infection is becoming increasingly common amongst people in developed countries.

Yeast infection, known as well as Candidiasis, is the result of candida fungi. Candida albicans is responsible for some 80% of all yeast infections, the other 20% coming from Candida glabrata, Candida tropicalis and other types of fungi. Yeast microbes are normally to be found in the human body, including that of healthy individuals. They live in the warm moist environment of the mouth, the intestinal tract, the vagina and the rectum. In healthy people, yeast microbes ar held in check by probiotics, which are beneficial microbes. Thus Candida does not multiply or cause damage. However, when Candida begins to multiply rapidly, the external symptoms appear.

Symptoms of yeast infection can be painful and distressing and for recurring candidiasis, it is a strong indication of a significant lack of inner equilibrium or a degraded autoimmune system. Candidiasis can affect different areas of the body. Examples of the most common subspecies are Candida male infection, diaper rash, thrush in the mouth, and others. According to the precise type of infection concerned, symptoms of yeast infection may vary. For example, yeast infection in women is often produced with genital itching accompanied by a thick, white discharge with no odor.

As creams acting against fungi, and also suppositories and tablets, yeast infection medicaments have been available to patients since 1990.

In the generic yeast infection medication list, there are Butoconazole, Terazol, Nizoral, Diflucan Gyne-Lotrimin, Clotrimazole (Mycelex-7), Miconazole, Vitaklenz, Monistat - 7, Sporanox, Nystatint, Tioconazole and Vagistat. The effect that they have differs according to which medicament is being discussed. In some cases Candida microbes are dissolved and killed by active substances such as clotrimazole (found in products such as Gyne-Lotrimin and Mycelex-7) and miconazole nitrate (found in Monistat 7) that are often prescribed for patients with infections in the genital area. They can be compared to muscarinic cholinergic agonists which are the basis of medicaments used for boosting salivary flow and prescribed for oral thrush. Such medications are for example cevimeline (Evoxac, Daiichi) and pilocarpine (Salagen, MGI Pharma).

Such medications for yeast infection can be effective in the immediate term but have a number of drawbacks:

1. Yeast infection medication immediately targets the symptoms of Candida infection, but fails to take account of the complex condition of candidiasis and the fact that it is triggered by a general inner imbalance or comparable clustering of factors. The effect is only temporary.

2. Use of medicaments over time may bring on different secondary effects.

3. The onset of chronic Candida infections and further complications of ill health may be the result of encouraging what may be an unhealthy way of life through reliance on medicinal cures. This then aggravates their medical ailment.

This is why temporary alleviation is all that most yeast infection medicaments will make possible, not to mention possible secondary effects. So yeast infection medication falls short of the holistic approach, because as a classical solution, it does not consider the body as an integral whole and only targets the symptoms of the disease. On the other hand, alternative holistic solutions that include specific vitamin and herbal adjuncts with a complete program of dietary protocols and Candida control guidelines, will resolve the inner cause of candidiasis with safety and effectiveness, and prevent its recurrence.

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