Yahoo Store Redesign and SEO: A Combination for Online Business Success

By: Ydeveloper

So you have a Yahoo store up and running but not performing to its full potential? Sounds familiar. A lot of Yahoo stores are known to get off to a flying start and then begin to stumble and ultimately lose sense of direction. Yahoo store redesign can be the answer to such a mess, but it can be successfully pursued for several other reasons as well. The root cause that necessitates redesigning your Yahoo store is less than satisfactory performance.

Here are some important advantages of Yahoo store redesign services for your store:

Add features missing in the original version. Redesigning of your Yahoo! store so it matches the taste of your users is important. With a redesign service, you significantly improve your visibility and sales. You can also increase the number of visitors to your site and boost sales.

Redesign store navigation. Make navigation intuitive and smooth to allow your customers to shop fast or take their own time - whatever they want. If they want to shop fast, you need to reduce the number of clicks required to go through the checkout. Let your target page be no more than two clicks away. This principle applies all of your navigation. Use a good number of categories and make a logical hierarchy. Provide additional navigation features such as breadcrumbs so your users are always aware of where they are en route to the checkout.

Submit the site map for your Yahoo store. Site map is a very useful navigation element. By submitting site map to the search engines you can improve your search engine performance. One more navigational feature is redirect of the error page. If your page does not exists then give error message with proper redirect so your users can redirect to other pages and don’t feel any frustration. Make navigational features more prominent than design features so your user can easily find navigational elements like buttons etc.

Use top-notch content only. Content is THE king on any website. The content in your Yahoo! store needs to be both SEO and customer friendly. Writing content that is original, fresh, and very useful ensures that your visitors' interest is retained and extended. The templates and images used should be of the best quality available. Using alt tags for the images ensures that search engines are able to find the images as well as the main body of content – the textual content. Yahoo store SEO that includes organic optimization is a good way to ensure online visibility for your Yahoo store.

Make payment easy and secure. Providing a secure online environment to shop in is arguably one of the most important aspects of your Yahoo store. Payment gateways that are most sought after in your area must be provided in your Yahoo store. is a core activity of any ecommerce business. Integrate payment gateways which are most sought after in your areas. Checkout page is main conversion page in your Yahoo! store so make checkout page user friendly. Add call of action there and win the customers.

Yahoo store redesign services can help you make any necessary changes to your Yahoo store and help you get it back on track in terms of its performance. Yahoo store SEO can do the same for your store. Together, they make a killer combination.

Custom Yahoo store design and development will help you build just the kind of a store you want. But it will do more, much more. It will help you also bring more customers, keep them there longer, and sell more. Make a list of all you would like your store to do. Then go consult a good provider of custom Yahoo store design and development services.

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