Wrong Control Room Could be Wasting Money

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In any control room environment, having the right furniture is key. This extends not only to desks, but also to chairs, displays, and storage space. The ideal control room furniture will organize these different pieces of equipment in a way that makes for quick and easy access as well as ergonomic design. A control room that is haphazardly designed might fail to take these factors into account. If any of the following sound familiar, your control room furniture could be impeding your employees' work efforts and costing your organization money in lost productivity.
Seated Workstations: Leg Cramps, Low Energy, and Neck Pain
If your company's control rooms primarily consist of seated workstations, your employees might be at an increased risk of a variety of health problems that will in turn impact their efficiency and work ethic. This could result not only in decreased employee productivity, but also serious chronic health issues requiring treatment that will ultimately be paid for by the company's health insurance plan. Studies have demonstrated that working in the same seated position every day is unsustainable over the long term and may lead to muscle atrophy, back pain, obesity, carpal tunnel syndrome, and blood clots. To avoid these consequences and hidden costs to your company and employees, consider investing in standing or Height Adjustable Consoles. By encouraging improved posture and repositioning for comfort throughout the day, these types of workstations dramatically reduce the likelihood of such health issues and can help your employees maintain a higher energy level.
Single-Screen Displays: Unwieldy and Disorganized
If your workstations are arranged in the most conventional manner, they likely consist of one screen per employee workspace. However, having only one display at each workstation imposes significant reductions on tasks that can be accomplished efficiently in parallel. If your workforce routinely manages multiple data outputs, a multi-display system can greatly increase productivity. One study by the VIBE division of Microsoft Research found that using multiple displays can increase productivity by 9 percent for data input and manipulation tasks, and up to 50 percent for cut-and-paste projects. Single-screen displays simply don't offer the space necessary for a large number of simultaneous tasks, and working within these constraints can slow your employees' progress. If your current equipment could be impeding productivity by as much as 9 percent, you could be sacrificing significant profits.
Inadequate Storage Space: Clutter Plus Disorganization Equals Inefficiency
Most workstations come with some form of storage attached such as a drawer, a shelf, or a basket. However, if your control room furniture's storage solutions aren't tailored for the specific requirements of your equipment and staff, control room clutter and disorganized workstations may easily result. In an environment where important controls are needed to be accessible 24/7, it is important to have wires and equipment properly placed rather than obstructing workflow.
Finding the right Technical Furniture should be a major priority of any business leader or project manager. If your control room isn't optimally designed for your organization's specific needs, your employees and your company could be paying the price through, - lost productivity, accidental shut-downs or wasted time, all of which will impede your organization's progress.
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A Control Room Consoles is one of the most essential elements of control room Architecture. It is the support system for controlling and monitoring various task critical operations within a defined territory. The control room designer designs Command Centre Furniture, Console for Control rooms, Engineering Desk such that its operation function, feasibility is adaptable and is a task specific factor. The placing of consoles within a control room is such that, the operators could interact with each other without any hindrances in communication during emergency situations, which demands for a dedicated and distraction free monitoring environment.
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