Written language of youth

By: tomas s

"Youth is the spring of life", and like most people, I always automatically connected to the spring and youth. Coincides with the April Rhapsody, with thin clouds solve any of the day: the warmth of spring street prostitution mild rain campus reveals a refreshing breath of the breeze mixed with the smell of the soil, pervasive emotion of hope, even breathing is a new fragrance. Breakdown of them bit by bit, every hint of all interpretation of the meaning of youth.
Campus late cherry falling from the naive to the branches to the ground, which is its life cycle. Branches in full bloom when it deliberately, the state made a very Yan, the Thriving of cherry blossoms filled the air like clouds, gorgeous people get drunk, I can’t help but sigh at its beauty and passion, it just as a people in their prime at this time youth, as their passion and boundless fire activity to show the world The most beautiful, and regardless of whether the vision and voice of others, only to leave the world a splendid figure. When to see it die in the branches, which wind Every petal falling to the ground, my eyes moist, and it is a good thing for the passage of sorrow and grief and sympathy and affection.
Beauty is always short, when we indulge them when alone, it has been quietly dies, as the life of the youth on a slide and then too. Because to understand, so cherish. We can only seize the day every day was still young, with a wholehearted blood to boil a miracle, so that the flower of life Shining bloom, show the beauty and fragrance to the world, does not regret missing the sun, fear that by the storm, dedication best until last, even the last remnant calyx lobe down, but is also intact, because we have brilliant too. Yes, the youth of this the case!
Sun up
Morning, a library, sitting by the window. A piece of the sun and ring gently stroked the tree fingertips. Hint of green shoot awakened deep inside the woods and the shade of light green between the bird! Outdoor, sunny, looking ahead, a green eyes full force, even the mood seems green. When the sunlight falling on the leaves, that was an extremely beautiful landscape, leaves little stars, like jumping notes, playing upon a joyous song.
Sunshine is also a language to tell a warm affection. Sun life is vibrant, as young people should have a youthful face, with bright sunny smile, with good health and high-spirited will.
Like to change the day of their own "style" of clothing; like and a group of friends chatting loudly laugh; like a back occasionally narcissistic, indulged in their own world; like nothing in the manuscript on the mood or smear on the keyboard know their own language; like the occasional crazy one, do one think for a long time they did not implement things - we keep changing, in the pursuit of new things to try and make daily life is full of expectation. I think this is the youth, with a never-ending mind, positive, move forward. Perhaps in this way, we will encounter many doubts, loss and bitterness, but I will tell myself "I'm still young, I still have tomorrow," then give yourself a smile, things through the clouds, move on .
Calm lake
People, sometimes inexplicable, as I. Day evening, suddenly thought of schools around the lake to see the magnetic, so that a person across a crowded street, walked to the magnetic Lake. Magnetic Lake as a gentle woman, in the embrace of the mountains doing a gentle dream, it's Wave is so calm, only by the passing breeze, making numerous fine lines, sun of the river, crystal clear carved.
For thousands of years, it insists on the tender feelings how many people have feelings, you had better know, that lake is not sentimental, but the people that tour the lake! All along, I have longed for a peaceful America, desire for strolling, listening to birds flower. In a long-backed chair, sat down quietly, stuffed ear, listening to relaxing music, casually looked around the landscape: a group of birds twinkling of an eye and over; a happy mother and son kicked a ball, children's laughter crisp towards the sky; an article willow swaying in the breeze pretty; a couple sitting on the grass dependencies are murmuring whisper something ... ... to see herself quiet, do not have a general feeling among us!
In fact, life requires us to have a quiet heart take it lightly, after a lot of excitement and bustle, we will naturally want plain, watching the clouds float, flowers open and the flowers wither. "The sudden temporary and not scared, not so in addition but not anger," when we can do so when I think our lives are incomparably comfortable setting.
Spring, is a dream season. One kind, a tear, an integrated trickle face, in the heart of the long history of starting, mobile - so we look, we pray, we are keen to fly, with a youthful dream.

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