Writing Articles Generates 70+ Free Leads Per Day

By: Bob B Howard

I a moment ago talked with a friend of mine that is creating over 70 leads a day for free in his online marketing business. Can you imagine what that would do to your business if you could accomplish that. Now I am not talking about a team a people that is doing this. I am talking about one guy. This is being done with by writting articles which is free. And get this, he as only two months experiance doing this.

This guy has really learned some secrets of how to market using articles. His name is Dave Wood and he has been doing some amazing things lately. Over the last few weeks he gave some of what he as doing in a webinar and I wanted to share them..

First, interesting articles are what people want to read so write them. With ltille expertise how do you do this. Well, since David was in this position he chose to interview some people that did have the expertise and thereby giving his articles creditability. Do you think you could do that? Write down what an expert says and make it into an article. Find and expert and write down with they say. You only have to know how to listen and write to create and article.

Second, marking the artile is a must. The article needs to be put in as many web sites as possible so it will be read and looked at by the seach engines. By posting to free article sites with a link back to the original article. With a large number of back links the seach engine will rank the article higher for the key words used. Automation is recomended to post to so many sites because of the time it will take to do it manualy. A number of tools can be used and I will tell you which one Dave and I use. In less then 15 minutes you can post to over 200 sites using this tool.

Third and also a very key item to increased traffic is to consistent. You must write articles regularly so that people will trust you. The more you do it and the longer your do it with good articles you will gain more and more creditability. Good content is a must for this to work. In order to do that you will need to go to webinars, read books, listen to CD's and continue to learn your market and yourself. Soon you can creat your own original articles. Since this is an industry that continues to change you will need to continue to learn and grow so you can create new and fresh content. Although this will never stop it will gradually get easier and easier to do.

Please let me know what you think about this content. I welcome all comments. I hope that it helps you to be able to attain what you want out of your business.

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