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By: jim mack

Articles are needed in the internet, either for research, general knowledge, even for entertainment, and there is no end to the demands for articles on the net. So why not take advantage of authoring articles to promote traffic to your web site?

First thing you may ask, is how can articles promote massive traffic to your web site? Easy, there are three ways that an article can do that for you and here they are:

One: You utilize the popularity of other web sites.

Most of the time when people browse through other web sites, they will find your articles title and headings, and once they click to it, they will find themselves in your web site. If your article isnít a link back to your web site, the about the author part of your article should be enough to promote your web site to the reader

Two: You utilize the traffic of article banks

Article banks are a good source of information on the web, theyíre easy to use and they are free. When you pass your article to be published on an article bank, you get the free exposure just like what you get when you post your article on popular sites.

Three: Traffic from search engines

Search engines search text and not graphics, when your article tackles or contains the keywords that readers are looking for, chances are you'll be found by a search engine. And when they do read your article, they will see your web address, and there would be a chance that they would be interested enough or curious enough to see your site, especially if the topic of your article is related to the overall theme of your web site.

Submitting the Articles

So where do you submit your articles? Well article banks are web sites that provide articles that can be used on any other web sites. By submitting your articles on an article bank there is a chance that it may get distributed and used on other sites, blog or newsletter. Just donít forget to keep your web address within your article.

The good thing about submitting your article on article banks or any other site for use, is that it creates a permanent source of traffic for you. As long as the article banks and the web sites use your articles, you are getting free exposure and thus traffic for your web site.

Writing your Article

Now that you know the benefits of writing an article and how it can be used to boost traffic to your web site, all you need to know is how to write articles.

You don't have to be a writer to write articles. The good thing about the internet is that most people that use it have short attention spans. You dont have to write long windy statements with deep flowery words to get a reader interested in what you have to say.

Writing for the internet only needs short burst of ideas in short sentences and short paragraphs. Make sure that each paragraph contains only 2 -3 sentences and use common words.

Tips, or how-tos are easier to write than an opinion article. Most of the time if youíre writing something, itíll be themed with your site and what better thing to write about than tips about your products, you can even write about some new ideas that youíve thought of and share them with the readers..
When you do write an article, make sure that they can trace it back to you, either by a web address that you plugged into the article or by the theme that your article uses. Itís best to theme your article into something that is related to your website.

If you can, write from personal experience. Most people sympathize and relate more to something that they know has been experienced by another person, than if they think theyre reading an echo of someone elseís experience.

Never forget a resource box or an about the author baox at the end of your article, this will be the readerís link back to you, the reader is link to your site.

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