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An article is just a story about something you know about, or are interested in. It can be as short as 300 words or as long as say 1,500 generally.

As an experienced ESL teacher, and website developer, I've been fortunate to get a lot of practice writing myself, while also identifying the needs of my students in regards to writing. Nearly every single student I've ever taught has displayed the same reluctance to "get on with the job", and end up spending mast of their time thinking about their mistakes and re writing what was often quite good writing.

Here's a way that Ive found works for me and my students. It involves aggressively attacking the paper with your pen, or punching the keyboard with vigor. Sounds aggressive and nasty I know, but really all I'm saying is, don't be afraid to start writing and once you start keep going until you've finished.
Here's what you should do should do before you write an article.

Decide what you're going to write about, and then think about how you would explain this story to a friend over the phone or in an email. Better still do it! Get on the blower and call someone, or hook up on a chat program and start chatting! (Save the chat script for later) Now, go over the conversation in your head then start writing without stopping to fix typos, spelling, grammar or even worrying about anything making sense. This is the most important part of this whole method, you MUST try to make your pen smoke, or your keyboard burst into flames from typing as fast as you possibly can!

If you head down a different path, and get off track, keep going along with it and keep writing until you come back to the storyline, or stop and start a new paragraph. Then later come back and clean it up. This often results in yet another article about something that is somehow related to the original topic. In fact that's exactly what you are reading now! This is part of an article I was writing about why to submit articles, but obviously I got slightly off track and started discussing how to do it instead. Oh well back on track in the next Paragraph.

What happens after you get some momentum up is you will start to have trouble writing as quickly as your thoughts emerge. Now you're in the zone! You'll start to feel relaxed and pleased with your incredible insights and creative prose. Before you know what is going on, you'll be starting another article or quickly jotting down ideas for future articles, which you can refer back to at a later time. After a few successes, you'll actually start to enjoy the creation of your own valuable unique content. You'll never have a problem finding enough content to put in the article using this technique. In fact you'll often need to cut it down into yet more separate articles.

The final step is to go back over your work and check it for coherence, accuracy, and repetition. Have you used the same adjectives excessively etc? You'll love this part because you can really see your ideas being expressed and now is a good time to add in some extreme adjectives, if you're writing sales copy. Take the final draft and send it to a few mates for their opinions, it's always good to get some honest feedback. Wait for at least one day before you publish it, so you can look at it again with a fresh outlook. This will often show you some areas which need a little tweaking. Try this technique and you'll soon notice your writing becoming more fluent and meaningful. Also you'll start to build a library of article topics, paragraphs and completed works ready for publishing.

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