Write One Article And Spin It Many Times

By: Hotty Cheril

Those of us who enjoy blogging are always looking for ideas to write new and compelling content for our readers and visitors to our blogs. It is by writing articles that are posted on blogs and websites that retains visitor attention building up a relationship with visitors to the site.

Would it not be easier then to sit and write one very good article that contains all the information required about the subject of the article that will hold and retain the attention of visitors to our pages?

By TerryGl

Well this article will discuss one technique where you can write one article and then using Magic Article Rewriter software, to spin that very same article, not once, not twice but hundreds of times ensuring that each single spun article will be unique and contain no duplicate content.

Using software for many applications such as RSS and Article directory submissions takes away the amount of time required to submit hundreds of feeds or articles. Software saves time and also saves effort.

Magic Article Rewriter is such a piece of software that will turn any article into many articles that contain all unique content. One of these spun articles can then be submitted to one article directory, the second spun article to the next article directory and so on. Each article directory will have one unique article focused on the theme of the original article.

By using one article that has been spun will be listed on a search engine with NO duplicate content penalties. The beauty of this is that your post or page will have one very solid backlink. Backlinks to each page, many of them, will ensure a high position on any search engine thus creating good targeted traffic.

Magic Article Rewriter is software similar to a word processor. You either copy and paste the article into the working section or write directly into that section. With the press of one button another box will open up on the page. This box contains like words or synonyms.

Now by taking your mouse and highlighting the word, each word, or group of words, in your article, the synonym box will present variations for you to substitute that word with. The article will then contain automatically the spin script. To demonstrate it will look like this;- [spin]word1|word2|word3|word4[/spin].

Now by changing each word the [spin] section will take one word from the code randomly and insert that into a new fresh non duplicate and original content article. The more words you spin the more variations the software can produce of one article ensuring unique genuine content.

The beauty of this software is that you can now spin your origianl article as many times as you like. Each article will be unique and can be used on blogs, article directories, pdf files or any other article repository.

Spinning hundreds of articles, the software will place the articles into one folder on your computer for easy access. Then when you go to each article directory you take one article and submit, the next directory submit the next article and so on.

You are then left with hundreds of articles on the internet each containing two anchor text backlinks to your site. The possibilities are endless where you are in complete control spinning articles that make sense when read by a human person.

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To see the software in action I recommend you watch the video at Magic Article Rewriter where you can read detailed information and view a video on the software in action.

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