Write A Novel And Get Published - An Authorís Secret

By: William Penworthy

Imagine being able to write a novel and get it published within just a few months. Even if youíve never written anything before, and the idea of becoming an author seems fantastic, it is possible. The truth is that there are many novel writing tips about, but at the heart of it all lies one big secret.

The idea that everyone has at least one novel in them, and that anyone can write a novel isnít true. Many people say that they would like to write a book, and plan to perhaps, but thereís one big difference between those who say they plan to write a novel, and those who actually do write a book and get it published. Whatís the difference? Itís really laughably simple.

The difference between those who talk about writing a novel and those who actually write a novel is that the second type of person actually sits down and gets on with it. So you want to write your own book and get it published? Whatís stopping you? Why, for example, are you reading this article, rather than writing a few paragraphs of what could be this yearís bestseller?

Of course, the answer is that you are looking for help, guidance, inspiration, novel writing tips that will help clarify the thoughts and ideas in your head. Writing a novel isnít always as easy as it might seem. Creating whole worlds, civilisations, families, characters, events and weaving them together into a believable tapestry which not only works but tells a story that enthrals and entertains the reader is not easy. But thereís one sure way to get there, and thatís to try.

Unfortunately the first time you try to write a book youíll probably fail, because there will be a huge number of assumptions and errors in the way your book is written. This could be from the way the plot unfolds to the pace of the story, the depth of your characters and the way this is revealed, the language and style of writing you use or even simply the way the manuscript is presented. There are a hundred things - perhaps more - which can all have a huge impact on whether your novel is successful in being published or not.

So how have all of the successful authors managed? Were they just very lucky, or were they born with a pen in their hand and a story to tell? Are they gifted in some way? The truth is, no, theyíre often just ordinary people who spent years learning how to write a novel the hard way. By making mistakes, picking themselves up and trying it a different way, many of the authors whose books fill the shelves of stores across the country spent years learning and making mistakes. Becoming an author is rarely an overnight story - you need experience and the time it takes to learn from your mistakes.

Although thatís not strictly true, because there is another option - and thatís to step into the boots of an existing, successful author and learn from their mistakes, learn from their experiences, and put into practice the ideas and novel writing tips they had to learn the hard way. Itís like having your very own tutor to guide you through what would otherwise be a lengthy and frequently gloomy road. By learning how real, successful authors approach writing a novel you can fast track your success, and get your novel written in a way which will maximise its success with both publishing houses and readers.

If you want to learn how to write a novel, then you need novel writing tips, expert guidance, structured lessons and the benefit of professional experience to help you achieve your dreams. You can become an author, and the first chapter starts right here.

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