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By: S.Charles

Millions of people read their astrological sun sign, and they sense there is a deeper truth

connected with their character and fate. Few realize that sunsign astrology is just a fraction of

an amazingly detailed picture that the personal horoscope reveals, with its planets, houses and

signs. Even the simplest representation of character using the birth horoscope has over a

thousand variables, and a detailed horoscope analysis can weigh tens of thousands of influences.

Horoscope reports from World of Wisdom do just this

– the position of the planets in signs and houses, combined with the angular relationship between

the planets are catalogued and weighed, then presented in a report of 20 to 30 pages in length,

which encapsulate your character. You can learn where your strengths our - in career and

relationships – and exactly how to capitalize on these strengths. And you can learn what

challenges you are born with, and how to overcome them.

World of Wisdom birth horoscope reports are divided into two sections, one describing your

professional life, and one your personal life. What makes these astrology reading unique is the

integration of current trends over the next two years, which describe the challenges and

possibilities in your life right now and into the future.

The birth horoscope report

is categorized under headings – Life Path, Love life, Sex life etc. – so that the many

contradictory influences in life are placed in a context you can understand. The reports

themselves are beautifully formatted and presented, with a horoscope wheel that may seem

impossible to understand at first, but which becomes clearer when you read the detailed symbol

explanation and introduction to astrology at the end of the report.

World of Wisdom has produced two other important reports: AstroCalendar and the Lovers report. The former

describes daily influences over a period of three months, giving detailed answers to questions

you may be asking during the course of the day. The Lovers report compares two people’s

horoscopes, describing exactly how they relate in different areas... mentally, emotionally,

sexually etc. This report is a must for anyone who wants to understand and improve their


Reports are delivered in real-time from the World of

website and its affiliates, which means that the full color astrology report appears

in your in box minutes after ordering. The reports as available in English, Danish, German,

Norwegian, Finnish, Hungarian, Swedish, Greek, Japanese, Dutch, Portuguese and Spanish.

Comments from satisfied customers:
These interpretations go right to the bone of the truth but are written with such compassion and

understanding that insight happens!
Juanita Petersen

The interpretations are among the best (and possibly THE best) I've seen in any computerized

report generator, and the integration and output presentations are terrific.
M Price

I must say that it's the best computer generated report that I've ever seen. It is so accurate

that it's almost untrue! Your interpretation, the benevolent humor and an occasional edgy remark

make it perfect and captivating reading.

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