World of Warcraft old players to teach you how to handle three dogs

By: arm2teetgo

Seen a lot of people, good equipment has card three dogs. With the ss one I decided to tell you how to deal with three dogs perfect.Since I use sent to fight the destruction, I will only say the destruction process. (Because of the destruction of the outbreak and back to the blood)The first choice of talent, the first layer of soul to squeeze (important), followed by mobile magic, sacrifice the bb and dark anger (important) bb shield (important).Glyph choice, sugar, sacrifice back to the blood, and do not need to sacrifice allows burning Glyph deceleration (important)Before the opening of the preparation: Chuan Songzhen, agents, and the expense of fatOpening, the outbreak of syrup, a rain of fire, the hands save deflagration, a big devil first time dark anger and control, then hit the boss (Broken Sword) do not use the brain, when the boss is almost read that curse is that 7min mortal The first devil assault interrupted, this time to fight brain Broken Sword. (A lot of people do not know this, the devil assault boss when the boss 50-100% easily hurt, specifically how much I have forgotten, the flashpoint of choice is important, the first black soul spent here)The first boss of the brain Broken Sword how to deal with? Bb shield + ss shield, absorbing elements of injury is that, this time basically afford the blood. Then the boss will pretend to read the Cataclysm, leave him alone, and continue to beat him.

Kick down the the imp boss will read brain Broken Sword still offset double shield, then boss is a big disaster, assault interrupted. Remember, must stay 2-3 deflagration and 1-2 burning equipment is not good to stay four, do not do too easily hurt dps, because soon there will be three dogs.the boss summon three dog when you advance under a rain of fire, three dogs are separate brush's first dog out manipulation to open the black devil assault + soul + open outbreak jewelry + players to sacrifice burning this time support dog should be dead blood, no matter, because the second dog immediately. Out to sacrifice or directly to a burn break out, flew to the second dogs catastrophe, and so the third dog out of a brain Can Jian playing third dog face, a burn to the third dog, this time should be three dogs into the beheaded stage, a dark anger smashing down the the three beheaded direct dead. (It is the fear of death can Chuan Songzhen out and then beheaded, devil clearance, then the dark anger remember to hit the devil.) Processed dog dps almost this time boss the brain Broken Sword should read article, double- shield to open up, basically can not afford the blood. (Remember to ensure their full blood before, not eat sugar ahead). Next is the boss of Cataclysm, Emergency interrupted, beat up without brain brain Broken Sword.

Next stage boss will read bar to summon a demon (here referred to him as X) boss read the article when EU boss lie to hurt the deflagration lighting X came out this time, do not have to exile him. on the establishment of control bb play him a few times, hatred, and then whether he, X has been playing your demons.Stop here for a complete cycle.Next is the hardest place before that very detailed, I said a brief point of focus.First of all, when the kids are handling, remember, the aoe when will inevitably A to X, you are likely to cause ot X knife crippled you remember playing devil open a fragmentation first time kid handle clean, remember halo under the kid with dark anger (because the devil is in several batches, brush, dark anger can be left to the back when not brush imp put).The most critical thing is the second of three dogs, also off the most miserable place. 1, three dogs approach this time to pay attention to a few points, the same as said before, but this time because of Your Soul Leech is not much damage absorption, so remember sugar, no deflagration transformed life. 2, because you are the devil carrying X, and the dog will eat the control of the devil, so when the time will appear the field 3 dogs + devil + X perverted.

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