World of Warcraft Can Never Be Surpassed

By: NapoleonJones

The impact of the success of the World of Warcraft is not just online games but also the entire game industry. Although, the number of users of WOW continues to decline recently, but it is still having large groups of players so that the other games were outshined. The success of World of Warcraft can not be copied and planning. It is a fortunate accident for Blizzard which is resulted from the combined effect of favorable factors. The success of World of Warcraft does not appear in the online game industry for the second time.

Today, there are twelve million players claiming to be the World of Warcraft enthusiasts, whether they are from Asia humble cafes, the Lost City of Atlanta, or the moon dark side, the focus is they are one of the twelve million players which bit. From its number twelve million players even more than many real-world population of the country such as Israel, Switzerland, Belgium, Bolivar, Greece and many more unknown small country. 12 million people playing with a computer game, many of them will WOW identified as the template of MMORPGs.

These twelve million players, many of whom are from the World of Warcraft came into contact with online games, even games. I can not imagine what products can be like WOW to attract so many non-gamers. I dare say that many of these non-gamers playing WOW but still not interested in the game.

But they have chosen to take root in Azeroth, make friends, cliques. They take several years to build their roles, associations, social circles, in addition to the WOW, they are not really a player, want these people out of opportunities for micro-between and micro-WOW to play WoW killer.

To be honest, do you think how many WOW players will touch the Star Wars: The Old Republic? There will be some, that's for sure, but the fact is the core of the Bioware prospective WoW competitor just invested $ 200 million only. It lacks the humor, Meng elements and built up in Azeroth family relations, but also into the comparison of a variety of cottage war. Guild Wars 2 ? Business model in this game really, in theory, than the Old Republic dominant, but you believe that those who consumed a lot of time and energy non-gamers will not hesitate to jump into one pair of them in the WOW completely unknown game? last the rest of Blizzard's own next-generation online game Titan, perhaps the succession of Warcraft or Blizzard's own works. But because Blizzard expressed the hope that WOW again a decade. WOW, a huge cultural influence, I think the Titan If you want to WOW height of twelve million of the scale of the players is quite difficult.

However, this peak may have not reached the limit, WoW, there is still one adventure to extend the life brand can play, that is its business model. Although now free games to become mainstream, Blizzard still maintain WOW's monthly payment mechanism and said no plans to change the short term. Why not? Millions of players that WOW worthy of support, but Blizzard also earn quite good from the virtual mall.

The free mode is Blizzard's current safety net, it can make up the hole because of the reduction of the paid subscribers. Can you imagine if the WOW into free mode is able to attract many players? If Blizzard indifferent to these figures, I really do not believe.

Finally, we have not summarized what WOW killer is. I guess there are not any WOW killer, because there will be no second the WOW. World of Warcraft will continue to exist and lead the trend to continue to move forward after the kick BioWare and ArenaNet's generous. Perhaps its profits and revenue will not be longer then the terror a few years ago. Short period of time, WOW will continue afloat and continue to beat the pack in number and influence.

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