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You surely heard about the term “domain name” if you are an average internet user. This might not mean too much for you but without web hosting and domain name registration you will surely have a hard time browsing through the internet. IP address is known as the Internet Protocol Address. The DNS have allowed it to be replaced with names that are distinctive since memorization of these numbers may be quite a tough job. For a successful web hosting and domain name registration requires no duplicates and should be unique. You should think of it properly and wisely. You are making use of the web hosting and domain name registration when you are fond of surfing the web. The specific carrier that you are using assigns a particular number which is exclusively for you only when you order a telephone line or service. The web hosting and domain name registration can be compared to how the telephone system is used be the people. One main element why we have Internet connection is the telephone. Phone lines is quite based on some electronically procedures. It’s the same for the computers, which has a sequence of numbers, which is longer than the telephone numbers. The numbers assigned to you when you apply for a web hosting and domain name registration is known as the IP address and these are made unique to your computer. Almost all domain names are taken especially the frequently used ones that are why it is hard to come up with a domain name that is unique. A lot of people have already made it registered which made it hard to be available...CONTINUE []

So here you are, ready to take on the online world with your business idea. The question is, where do you begin as you establish your business personality? With a tall pile of tips and lessons in starting an online enterprise, it is no surprise that you may feel at a loss. However, finding the right web host for your online store or for your web developing enterprise may not be as tedious as you expect it to be. The most important thing to remember is that with the right web hosting and domain, you are well way into building your online empire. If you have coined a name for your business, it is wise to register it as early as possible, so that your web hosting and domain services would work perfectly. Most site developers or webpage builders provide a bundled plan in offering web hosting and domain names, but these two services are actually separate and each works in an intricate process. The Encarta dictionary defines web hosting as, "the business of supplying server space for storage of Web sites on the Internet, and sometimes the provision of ancillary services such as Web site creation," while domain or domain name pertains to the, "Internet address: the sequence of words, phrases, abbreviations, or characters that serves as the Internet address of a computer or network." This is why these two features, web hosting and domain, are inextricably linked.

Another point to learn is that domain name hosting is quite important you as you build your website or online store. Domain name hosting pertains to the registration of domain names before your website or online store goes live and may be accessible to the public. Take note of your website address for example. The domain name is the big chunk in the address, the term that comes after the three W's (which stand for 'world wide web'), and before the suffix ".com" or ".net." In email addresses meanwhile, it is the term that comes before the '@' symbol, with a certain suffix coming right after it. You must take note though, that the suffix could drastically change the address of a site, even if they contain sport the same domain name. In the early days of the internet, authorizing the registration of a domain name is a task that belonged only to Internic. Today however, there are many popular domain registrars, which job is to search the whole of the web for the availability of your desired domain name. For around $10- $35 a year, you could use a term, name, or phrase of your choice as your very domain name, provided no one else has grabbed it yet.

How do you go about finding the right place? let's ask some questions about your goals and this will help you discover how to go about meeting your needs of easy web hosting and domain name registering. Here are some basic questions that can help you to decide the how too.

1. Who offers a place to search for your domain name and will they be able to register that domain for you.

2. What kind of hosting do they provide such as support and being able to answer your questions.

3. Do they offer a site building program and how hard is it to use.

4. Will you be able to expand as your business or needs grows to fit those needs.

5. How much is it going to cost you to buy these services and the quality of service.

With these questions in mind you will be able to make a great choice as too where to do your business. The best choice would be if the company that you decide to use offered all these services so you don't have to deal with more than one or have conflicting issues with the services. There is much more to just finding a domain name and hosting that a person needs to consider when getting started. Once you have your domain name and hosting you will be building your web site the way you want it to look and feel. Your site is the place that is home for you and your visitors. You want your site to be user friendly and easy to navigate around on. If you are someone that needs help building a site or would rather have someone build it for you, there are some excellent programs available and affordable that can be offered by the same company that is handling your business. Finding easy web hosting and domain name registration can be a great experience and a fun experience. Do your background research apply Your goals and place your business with easy wed hosting and domain name register services you can trust.

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