World Of Warcraft - The Beginnerís Guide

By: William Penworthy

World of Warcraft is the biggest online role playing game there is, and with over 11 million subscribers itís hardly surprising that it is constantly expanding and developing, with new content, new quests and new challenges being thrown at players on a regular basis. But whilst those fresh challenges may be an exciting prospect for hardened players who already know all the tricks, it can be a little daunting for those players either coming to the game for the first time, or who are really only casual players, looking to make the most of a little free time once in a while.

Itís because of this that a large number of World of Warcraft guides and ebooks have surfaced, from a range of players who have become experts at either levelling characters very quickly, or raising significant sums of gold, the in-game currency which allows you to purchase better armour, better weapons and additional items such as recipes, potions and even pets and mounts.

But how can a guide help you level a character more quickly, or grab yourself a pot of gold for that matter? Within the landscape of World of Warcraft there are four continents, with the main two continents an effective 20 miles by 8 miles, giving over one and a half thousand square miles per continent. In total there are approximately 5,000 square miles of landscape to explore, and thatís not including the many floating islands, cities, the underground dungeons, caves and mountain passes. This is a world that can be enjoyed purely as somewhere to escape to, to explore and to enjoy. When you consider that the level of detail can be set right down to individual blades of grass, the world of Azeroth is certainly a place worthy of any explorer.

But with so much to explore, it can be difficult to know where to go next in order to find quests which will be appropriate to a character of your level, and which will help you move onwards in the game. Similarly, there can be all manner of ways of gaining gold, sometimes by tracking down little known locations, creatures which drop particularly good loot, or even treasure chests, gems and other loot which can be sold for profit when youíre back in town.

You can think of World of Warcraft guides as being a little like a cross between a really detailed map which has been created specifically for the journey youíre about to take, and a friend to help guide you along that route, pointing out the advantages and opportunities along the way. Of course, for some people the fun is in the finding out, the learning and the discovery. With a World of Warcraft guide or ebook, the fun and the discovery is still there, but what is missing are the hundreds of hours of hanging around, lost, doing the same things over and over again, and looking longingly at armour and weapons youíd love to have, but simply canít afford.

For many people thereís a particular advantage of using a World of Warcraft guide or Warcraft ebook, and thatís to raise enough gold to buy a mount. You might imagine that buying a horse, a kodo or other mount is perhaps little more than a luxury. But when you have spent hours and hours walking the hundreds of miles of roads and paths just to get from one place to another, youíll quickly realise that having a mount will let you achieve far more far quickly. With initial mounts increasing travel speeds by 40-60%, and higher level mounts increasing speeds by nearly 300%, you can see just how much more of the game youíll see in the time you have with four legs or a pair of wings beneath you.

Whether youíre an experienced player looking for some quick inside tips to help boost your end game and get some extra gold in the bank, or a beginner looking at ways to help improve your game to let you become a part of the action quicker and be better equipped, using a World of Warcraft guide will certainly help you achieve more in the playing time you have available. World of Warcraft ebooks will let you move on from chasing pigs round Durotar, and become a champion, a hero, and a legend!

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