Workouts To Get Stronger

By: Mel Joelle

1) Squats and leg presses.

The legs are the basis for all muscle growth. When exercised, they release more hormones than any other body part. Squats and leg presses are the best leg exercises. They are very challenging, requiring tremendous focus and body control.

When you squat or leg press, keep your back straight. Drive with your heels and squeeze with your thighs.

Incorporate squats or leg presses into your workout if you want to get stronger.

2) Chin ups and rows.

The back is the second most impressive body part. When properly developed, it looks like a slab of chiseled granite. Chin ups and rows put the back through a full range of motion that creates tremendous strength.

When you do chin ups and rows, keep your back arched. Maintain stomach tightness and pull with your back, not your biceps.

If you add both of these back exercises into your regimen, your back strength will increase exponentially.

3) Bench presses

The chest is a large, fan-like area that completes the front of the upper body. Bench presses, either flat, inclined or declined, work the chest better than any other exercise or machine. And it doesn’t matter if you use a barbell or dumbbells.

When you do bench presses, press the bar over your chest. Keep your core strong and emphasize the chest, not the shoulders.

If you want the strength to push anything out of your way, perform bench presses frequently.

4) Dips

There’s a reason why you don’t see very many people doing dips in the gym: they are incredibly demanding. Dips are a basic workout that requires you to lower and raise your body using just your arms.

When you do dips, lean forward slightly. Keep your body straight like an arrow and use your arms to rise up, not momentum.

Doings dips will help you build gorilla-like arm strength.

5) Bicep curls

Bicep curls are the most well-known workout. Bodybuilders, athletes and models all do them. Everyone wants muscles that peek out from their sleeves.

When you do bicep curls, make sure you are actually using your biceps and not your forearms.

By curling weights with your biceps, you can make the bumps in your arms rounder, harder and sexier.

(Note: Most of these workouts focus on compound lifts. These are movements that use more than one joint. They are difficult at first, but become easier with practice.)

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