Workout Plan For Different Body Types

By: Israel Estes

Exercise regimens don't have to be super tough or exhausting. Granted, you will feel discomfort if it's your first time but that abates once your body gets used to working out. For women, body type or shape should determine what type of exercise regimen to follow.

Body type is classified into shape, of which four are considered the main types of shapes – pear, straight, curvy and athletic. Basing a workout plan around shape allows you to build up parts of your body that aren't proportionate to others and reduce weight in heavy spots.

For pear shapes

Strength training: Strength training exercises like pushups and leg lifts tighten the muscles of the arms, the glutes, the thighs and the calves. If possible, use an exercise ball for balance and to control difficulty. Instead of placing your body on the floor, you place your knees on top of the ball and stretch out to a plank. Bend the elbows and bring your body down till the upper arms are parallel to the floor. Resume the plank position. Repeat 10 times.

The same workout can benefit the lower body if you perform leg lifts while coming up to a plank position.

For straight shapes

Mermaid: The mermaid workout tones the shoulders and the core (the trunk). Position yourself into a sideways plank, keeping your spine aligned with your legs. Support yourself by resting your elbow on the floor. Bring your left or right foot forward – whichever is on top – and stretch your top arm over your head. Do this 10 times before switching to the other side.

The strength training mentioned above also works for women with straight body types.

For curvy shapes

Bridge: Tweak the ordinary bridge workout by using 1-pound dumbbells to increase resistance. Lay flat on your back and bend the knees while keeping feet flat on the floor. Holding the dumbbells, bring your arms towards your head so the dumbbells are on either side of your head. As you arch to a bridge position, bring your arms up straight towards the ceiling. Hold for five seconds and resume the starting position. Do 10 reps with no breaks.

For athletic shapes

Swivel squat: Similar to a squat, this exercise tones the glutes, the thighs and the core. Stand with feet as wide apart as your hips and stretch your arms out straight in front. Bend your knees and squat till the buttocks are at a 90-degree angle. As your stand, swivel your body and your arms to one side and come back to the center. Repeat the steps 10 times for each side.

The workouts given above are not comprehensive by far but will add proportion to your body, no matter the type. Before getting started, remember to stretch for at least 10 minutes. Warm up with this cardio workout before attempting the exercises above.

Cardio: Skip rope slowly for two minutes, slow to a walk for a minute and resume skipping for another two minutes. As your heart rate picks up, increase the skipping speed for 20 to 30 seconds then cool down by walking for another minute. Do three to five sets.

Skipping rope is a full-body workout that's sufficient for some. However, since we're targeting body shapes, it's necessary to combine it with the exercises given above.

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