Working With Twitter Tools to Super-Size Your Vemma Commissions

By: Alan Cosens

Easy today to assume that everyone is comfortable using the social networking sites such as Twitter and Myspace.

I was talking to a man the other day and this was a guy who had been using the same old-school networking techniques for 15 years and had only just set up a Twitter account within the last month. I talked to him a bit about how to better market his business and though I could tell he was a "regular" at talking to folks about his primary opportunity (not Vemma), he was completely blank as to how Twitter, and any other social networking sites, operated. The reason he had created his Twitter account was because he went to a meeting of his MLM peers and someone told him that he should. A week later he only had a few followers and I was one of them, which is how we met (hint, hint!).

So, I thought a introductory rundown might be helpful for some of you.

While there are countless methods by which to communicate online to generate leads for your MLM downline, here are some tips on using Twitter to do so.

Firstly, if you are new to Twitter, it's basically a bulletin board where you can post an answer to the question, “What's Happening?”. If memory serves, it used to say, “What are you doing?”, but no matter. You are given a 140 character space to answer that question and you can put a link in there too. These posts are called “Tweets”. Your “tweets” can be seen by your followers. If you have no followers, there is no point in “tweeting” because no on will get it.

So, more followers you have the more people will receive your communications you want to send out about your products or business opportunity.

The least complicated way to begin marketing your Vemma businees on Twitter once you have set up your account is to simply choose some persons to follow. Generally, a large number of people that you elect to follow will follow you in return, whether they know you or not.

It is possible to search for a particular type of person on Twitter. For example, you could do a search for all the “tweets” that have the word “Vemma" in them and see how many other people are talking about it. Maybe you could choose to follow them and then you could see what they are “tweeting” about Vemma.

Once they have agreed to follow you back, you can now send them direct messages, similar to emails, directly through the Twitter site. Direct messages are entirely different from “tweets”. Direct messages are only seen by the person you send it to. Very easy, and a super way to get into communication and meet people.

Personally, my first message to send to a new Twitter contact is to ask them to join me on Facebook because I feel that the Facebook profile is much more personalized and we can more effectively get to know each other.

So that is the basics. How do you add 1000 followers per week?

Automate the process using“Tweet Adder”, which as far as I'm concerned is the Lamborghini of Twitter automating software. It just automates everything for you and is very easy to use.
There are a whole host of features you can customize with Tweet Adder including: telling it who you want to follow, and when; who you want to unfollow and when; how many folks to follow and unfollow either according to ratios of followers to non-followers, or according to an arbitrary amount. For example you can tell it to stop following new people when your ratio of followers to those that you are following is, say, 1 to 1.5.

You can set it to automatically unfollow people who have now decided to stop following you. You can tell it to auto-reply when someone sends you a “tweet”. You can create a long list of pre-written tweets and have the program post them automatically according to a certain time interval, and you can decide whether to post them in order or randomly from the list and you can choose whether to remove each one from the list or to leave on the list once it has been posted.

The space of time between follows, unfollows, messages, and “tweets” can all be customized so you can “tweet” every 5 minutes or every 5 hours. It's all up to you.

There is more you can do but those are the main features.

I chose to get the upgrade to use the license on 10 different Twitter accounts. There is an upgrade available to use unlimited accounts, but my time is pretty tight already and it does take a bit of work to manage when you get up to about 10 accounts.

The idea is to create 10 different Twitter accounts. You just need a different email address for each one. Then you can begin adding followers simultaneously on all 10. I generally get them all running before I go to sleep and all 10 applications of the program will run while I'm sleeping to follow, unfollow,send messages and “tweet”.

With 10 applications running it is quite easy to add 1000 followers per week. Work to get each one up to 10,000 followers and you'll eventually have a pool of 100,000 people on your communication line. I have Facebook friend who has done just this. I'm not quite there.

The important part is to not follow the same people with each application as this would serve no purpose at all.. This is where the customizable search feature comes in helpful. You could search for all the “tweets” containing the word, “Amway”, and begin adding those on one application. Then on another application of the program search for all the “tweets” containing the word “TVI Express”, and then start following them with the that application. You could open another and search for all the followers of "Donald Trump", for example, and begin following them.

In this fashion you are multiplying your efforts by 10X with very litte extra work.

Up to 1000 follows per day is maximum that you can add, at least until you hit 2000. At 2000 it would seem from the error messages I get back from the program, that the follower to following ratio must be within a certain limit. My understanding is that Twitter will begin to see you as a spammer if the ratios get too far out of balance after 2000 people are being followed. This is a huge reason to use the Tweet Adder because when each account hits 2000 it really slows you down because you can then only add a much smaller amount each day depending upon how many are following you back each day. So it's good to have 10 accounts at least by that point in order to the keep the growth happening. At this time my followers are still climbing by about 400 per day, which seems like a lot but compared to the 1200 that were adding me when I first upgraded, it seems slow.
One other thing of importance is to “tweet” in a way where you are not just “spamming” your followers all day long. People only want to see, “Vemma is the greatest!”, so many times before they will just choose to stop following you. Try to offer helpful content. If you are building a following of network marketers like I am, then try to provide information about actions you found successful in building your Vemma team, or about tools others can use, etc. If they begin to recognize you as a source of help rather than just a greedy recruiter, it will be much easier to get into communication and to get to know people. Which, after all, is the reason that you are connecting up with them in the first place. That's why they call it “networking”.

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