Working Out with the Ripstick

By: Josh Brennon

Are you sick of not having fun when you workout? Do you need something exciting, challenging and fun that is also effective? For many people working out is a drag, and a most of the time they are right. It is hard work, generally not that fun, and most of the time just involves the same thing over and over. The Ripstik is the answer that provides an exciting and fun low key workout. Although the Ripstik was created as a toy for kids, if used correctly it can be a fun and effective workout. In order to propel the board forward you must move your legs, hips and core of your body in a rotating way. This movement allows for a great leg workout, great abdominal workout, as well as a great cardio workout. First you must start by learning how to ride the Ripstik. Start by putting your front foot on the Ripstik. Push off with your other foot and immediately put your other foot on the board. You must move the front of the board in an S shape by moving your legs and hips from side to side. Work on this until you are comfortable riding the board. Always wear protective gear like a helmet and pads for safety. When you are comfortable riding the board then you can begin using the board for a workout.

Start out on flat ground and ride the board consistently for a few minutes. You will feel the burn and the muscles that the board uses. On flat ground you will get a real moderate workout. It will not be that difficult but the results will not be as good easier. To make your workout a little more effective and difficult try finding a slightly sloping hill to ride on. You will want to ride up hill and the gravitation resistance will help maximize the workout. The steeper the hill the better the workout, but remember that if the hill gets too steep you may not be able to ride up it comfortably thus making the workout less effective. Another option to maximize the effectiveness of the workout is to but ankle weights on. This will put more weight on your legs so every movement will have that much more outcome on your body and core. Increase the weights to make your workout even better. Make sure to stretch every movement in order to get the greatest results from riding. Do not ride with small and quick S shape movements, but keep them wide and strong. Get your whole body into it so that your heart rate increases and causes the muscle workout to be better. Not only is riding the Ripstik going to make your core and legs stronger, but it will help to increase your balance as well. It takes coordination to ride the board and building that coordination on the board will help increase your balance.

Using the Ripstik and these techniques as a workout routine will take your low key workouts from being boring and unexciting, to being fun and effective. You will want to continue to work out. Athletic shoes with ankle support are recommended when using the Ripstik.

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The Rip stick caster boardCan give you an amazing workout if you use it the right way.Riding Plan B Skateboards can also give you a good workout but not as good as the ripstick.

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