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By: David Tennant

A great many families in today's economic times are not able to make ends meet because they have difficulty earning enough income. It's not always because they are fired, although that is occurring more and more these days, but creeping inflation and the economic insecurity of the times that every so often fosters an unachievable economic condition. Many timespeople will take a secondposition, pare down expenses, or try to get a better paying job, only to appreciate that there are fewer and fewer available positions.

The Problem: There is less and less income to account for mounting family needs.

The Solution: Fashion an extra flow of income to cover wages, and eventually replace pay from the main job.

The condition is especially noticeable and does not require a lot of scrutiny in order to be understood . It is the solution that evades so many because it does not fit into the known set of solutions that were profitable in the past. We are faced with a set ofsituations that have not been obvious before. A result must now be discovered that resolves a new set of problems, however, does it really demand another, newer program of results? Possibly so and possibly not so. Sometimes the old, time tested essentials will work , in spite of seemingly newerchallenges.

What is required is a method to distribute a product or service that is wanted and used by individuals time and time again. It must be a product or service that is not hard to get that has a marketing method that is straight forward and evident. There has to be anuncomplicated accounting and inventory program which follows products as they are sold and grants the occasion to deliberate on developing relationships.

There must be eager buyers, where people are aware of the products, and approach you to purchase the product or service. The product or service has to be backed by a firm that has a long track record and a history of being totally customer oriented.

The remuneration must be understood in advance and based upon your candid, lasting effort, and must offer a affirmative result based upon a perpetual and expected effort. Since short term results is one goal, a more continual history of stability, growth and solid relationship building has to be included, as well so steady earnings growth can be sustainedthat is evidenced in the type of business we all wish.

In the final analysis, you can become involved with an already recognized business and offer their brand to a market made of primed consumers that is already primed for your goods. Why encounter the effort of plowing new ground with a product line that is entirely vague. It really makes no sense. If you can align with a universally known business firm, and a product or service that people are familiar with, you have just short cut a lot of time and effort, then your success in this venture will be more protected.

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