Women! How to Completely Transform Your Look

By: Felix Juan

Do you ever get bored of the same old same old? If you have been stuck in a rut lately and finding that life has become a bit too predictable or boring, then it may well be that it's time for a change and that you need to do something different. And one of the very best things you can do to mix it up? That's to change your look which will change the way you feel, the way others react to you, and what you see every time you look in the mirror. There's a lot in life that is out of our control, but by changing ourselves, we can change the rest of the world around us. Here then are some ways women can change their look and get out of that rut.


Changing up your hair is one of the biggest and most noticeable changes available to women. This is something that women can do at any point, and it simply takes a visit to the hair dresser's to make yourself feel completely different. Of course changing the length is one way to go and that means either cutting lots of hair off, or it means getting extensions. Just growing your hair out won't have that sudden impact or feeling of 'the new' because of course it takes too long for that to happen meaning that by the time your hair has grown, most people will think you always had that. Extensions can give you long luscious locks over-night and clip in ones you can even do yourself.

Another option is to change your hair colour, which you can do by dying it. This transforms your entire look because it alters the whole way colours work on your body if you're going to change your hair colour then you'll also need to change your clothing to match and the way you do your makeup. Of course you can do both these things for even more of an impact dying your hair and adding extensions.


Your makeup isn't just something you use to make sure you don't look rough in the mornings it's something you use to create a look. Using something bold then like a bold red or pink lipstick can be a great way to make people look at you in a new way, as can changing up the colours you use or using a different foundation though these changes will be more subtle. Just get out of your comfort zone, and consider getting help from a course or class which can force you to do so.


Again the best way to mix it up with your clothes is to wear the things you wouldn't normally. Again this is hard to do on your own because you will be used to the things you like so consider taking a friend or partner and giving them reign to choose the clothes you try on. You might just be surprised and it will change the whole way you look and the whole way you perceive yourself.

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