Winter Tire Tips To Keep Your Vehicle Out Of The Ditch And On The Road!

By: Jakson Highly

Many drivers recognize the importance of maintaining their cars such as checking the oil and keeping the tires full of air. Nevertheless, some drivers do not understand the importance of preparing the vehicle for winter. Instead of having the all seasons tires on your car during winter, your may think of substituting the tires with winter tires. These are tires specifically made to handle the snowing conditions on the road.

The use of this trend will increase the handling and griping of your car in the wintry conditions. The tires are made with special designed wide tread that is able to grip in snow much better than all season tires.

The problem with the all season tires is that the tread is often too narrow which allows the snow to become tightly packed inside the hollow lines between the rubbers. As a result the tiers tend to be covered with a layer of snow all through the winter season. This could be dangerous for you as you drive on the road.

What are some of the useful winter tire tips?

1. It is frequently suggested that a driver should buy a full set of winter tires that are sized to the model of the car immediately after purchasing the vehicle. You can decide to buy an extra set of the winter tires and switch them when winter starts. This is important because it means that you are ready to handle any type of season and avoid the last minute rush.

2. During the warm seasons you can store the tires in a garage or any other storage facility. This ensures that you are always safe with the set of treads on your vehicle. Make sure that the tires are store somewhere safe.

3. Remember, when replacing the tires make sure that you replace all the four wheels instead of two. Driving with only two snow tires can cause uneven traction thus increasing the chances of having an accident. If you do not have a complete set of the winter tires you are much safer maintaining your regular tires.

4. Do not over trust your snow tires. Just because the tires are designed to handle snow on the road does not mean that you are completely safe. Though you have the best tires for the snow you need to use your judgment and avoid roads that are heavily covered with ice or snow and look for an alternative rout where you have a clear view or limited view of the road.

5. Nevertheless, if your frequently encounter such conditions you may want to try and use tire chains. They are meant to help you gain more traction when accelerating or stopping. Make sure you read all the necessary information regarding the chain tires before installing them. With that information you will be on the safe side when handling the car with the chains.

6. Always prepare your vehicle before the weather conditions become too harsh. You should consider purchasing or installing the tires after the first frost.

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