Winning The Lottery, Happy Ending Or A Sad Ending?

By: Fiona Neill

Information about winning millions in the lottery. We all dream about hitting the enormous one, or hope that we could fall into instant wealth by simply choosing the right winning lottery numbers or allowing them to be at random generated from a computerized lotto machine onto a little piece of paper, but it has usually been claimed that we should be extremely careful about what we hope for as everything incorporates a price, as well as winning the lottery, particularly when it involves winning millions of greenbacks. The particular chances of becoming a multimillion dollar lottery winner are astronomical to begin with, but when destiny interrupts, miraculous things can happen which will forever change a person's life, for better or worse.

Even though big winnings can change an individual's lifestyle dramatically, it is often said that if you were satisfied before winning a big sum of money, then you'll be ecstatic afterwards, but if you were an extremely sad person to start with, winning a multimillion greenback jackpot will change absolutely nothing aside from the size of your deposit account. In other words the issues that you had are still lying in wait to rear their ugly head, and the lottery money only briefly covers up the issues for a quick period.

Who in his right mind wouldn't be totally ecstatic in winning a huge multi-million buck lottery? Some people play the lottery sometimes. But there are hordes of folks that have incorporated the purchase of lotto tickets into their daily routines.

Whether you play strictly for amusement purposes, or to catapult a splendid lifestyle, the result of landing a windfall in the lottery can bring more heartache than relief.

The problem WITH THE LOTTERY...

Demographic evidence have dictated in the past that the heaviest lottery contributors are more often than not the poorest members of society. It can also be asserted that those who are the most desperate for a big break are those that are actually providing that big "break" to others who ultimately win.

The lotto, which is essentially gambling run by the state, is used to sponsor causes like education. The bulk of the monies paid out is dedicated to lotto prizes. The rest is separated amongst education funding, and the costs required to run the game itself. Thus, the lottery itself may not really be corrupt. It is basically what's done with game prize money that makes the theorem of a lotto debatable.

Experts have looked into the lives of past lottery winners and have found that not all !a href=""> multimillion dollar winners have a happy ending. A standard issue within our society is the idea that money solves almost all of our issues. Another big problem is the lack of financial steerage when being handed over a massive amount of cash. In truth virtually one third of multimillion greenback lottery winners become bankrupt in just a few short years after they are big win.

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If you're not accustomed to having great wealth as many of these big lottery winners were not, then the Problems that come with suddenly having plenty of money overnite can be so overpowering that depression becomes inevitable.

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