Wine for Beginners

By: Stephen John

Wine is known to be an acquired taste. Not everybody appreciates a glass of wine, and some would rather drink beer or any other alcoholic drink. While there are many alternatives to drinking, the benefit that wine offers makes it a recommended choice. Studies show that wine has Resveratrol and antioxidants that help prevent heart diseases by lowering bad cholesterol in the body. That is why more and more adults choose this better option.

Drinking wine for the first time may seem like an unpleasant experience for others. Many have been taken aback by the bitter taste that is typical of a regular wine. If you prefer something sweet and tasty, then wine might not be easy to appreciate at first. This bitter first impression probably roots from the improper way of drinking wine. Unlike beer or cocktail, wine is not gobbled down. It should be tasted in a sophisticated manner wherein you direct the wine at the back of the throat and let it fill your palate. When you become more conscious in tasting the flavors and notes of the wine, you get to appreciate its taste and enjoy it better.

Moreover, wines have variety of tastes and hints. It can be classified in light, medium and full-bodied wines. The full-bodied wines are heavier and strong on the palate while the lighter counterparts project a sweeter and soft flavor. Experts recommend that beginners try the lighter wines first to gradually build their palates to stronger and fruitier wines like Shiraz. A light-bodied Pinot Noir or medium-bodied Merlot is a good choice to start exploring red wines.

For beginners, other experts recommend red blends or what you call wines that are made up of two or more varietals. This means the wine was made from different grapes to produce a unique blend. This combines the better elements of two wines to create an ideally perfect taste for distinguished palates. Common choices are the Cabernet Sauvignon and Cab Merlot. It would also depend on the region whether it's from France, California, Australia, and Spain. The variety stretches out globally due to the interest and passion of wine producers to create more types of wines and offer more options to consumers.

Knowing more about wine is like tapping into a whole new different world and exploring great possibilities. You can start with popular choices and delve deeper to discover unique red blends and vintage wines. Take note that tasting wine can be unpredictable. One red wine can be perfect for you and the next brand or type of red wine can be disappointing. The more you try out different wines, the more you narrow down on your preferences. It could be based on region, light or full-bodied, taste, or food pairing. To know more about wine doesn't simply involve reading about it in magazines, forums, or online sources. Drinking and trying out various types and brands will give you more insight into the complexity and dynamic world of wines. Some even go on wine tours and join wine-tasting groups for a personal and social wine learning experience. Head out to your local or online store now to get you started.

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