Wilton Armetale America Inspired Cook and Serve Ware

By: Daniel Cheng

Wilton Armetale is a new material based on an aluminum alloy, developed by the Wilton Brass Company in 1963. The material has the look of pewter and silver, and is capable of being cast into different forms with intricate, embossed designs.

The US Food and Drugs Administration have also approved the material for food service.

All these makes the material eminently suitable for making cook and serve ware suitable for different environments such as Americana, Artistic, Traditional, Classic and Natural.

We look at some of the American Inspiration products under the Wilton Armetale range.

America Inspired Collections

Wilton had offered an Americana Collection with center ceramic plates with Eagle and other Americana themes. These plates are no longer being made.

The American Inspiration range originates from uniquely American sources. These include American Folk Art, the earlier iron pieces made by Wilton family in the last century and other very traditional pieces such as the Give Us This Day bread tray.

The Antiquity collection includes designs based on American Indian art and American Colonial themes like Doves & Hearts that represent life in American Country of an earlier era.

The Ames Candlestick reproduces a pewter candlestick designed along mid-18th century style and was in the collection of the Ames family of Pennsylvania.

Auto Tags were used as decorative elements for the front of that very American product, the automobile. These are offered referencing hobbies such as fishing, hunting and golfing.

The Beat Up Mug is an authentic reproduction of an early American pewter mug, a nostalgic piece representing rustic Americana of the Country home.

One of the more prestigious projects of Wilton Armetale was its participation in the American Bicentennial celebration. The company produced the Two Handle Porringer and the Barber Bowl from the Revolutionary period, with the Bicentennial Seal of Approval granted by a group of scholars, historians and artists.

The Cantabria is a collection with a Spanish-American perspective, and came with recipes for Spanish food.

The Caudle Cup is based on a pewter design piece of around 1725, and was used to serve a hot drink of wine, eggs, rum and oatmeal.

The Colonial series reproduced the American Colonial era practice prominent families to have their coat of arms engraved on their pewter and silver pieces. The products in this series bear the Wilton family coat of arms. The Colonial Four mugs, on the other hand, reproduces the official government seals of four colonies - Virginia, Ohio, Peter Stuyvesant-New York and Plymouth.

The Copacabana series represent a long beach typical of South Miami beaches, with stylized palm tree and coconuts.

Wilton Armetale commissioned the Designers series from some of America's leading tabletop and jewelry designers. The designers included Katherine DeSousa, Laura Handler, Dan Reiser, David Tisdale, Ellen Evans and Will Prindle.

The Federal series representing the Federal period in the history of America was an adaptation of a Federal era pewter piece.

The Gates House plate, reproduced from a plate found in the home of General Horatio Gates during restoration, reproduces the original soft patina with a rough finish, and dents and knife marks of the original plate.

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