Will My High Blood Sugar Levels Be Treated Permanently?

By: Aaric Hadden

Diabetes medically named as diabetes mellitus is a condition in which the person has high blood sugar (glucose) either due to inadequate production of insulin or the body's cells become resistant to insulin or both. Patients suffering from diabetes face troubles of frequent urination (polyuria), extreme thirst (polydipsia) and hunger (polyphagia).

The body of patients suffering from type 1 diabetes does not produce insulin. This is also known as early-onset diabetes, juvenile diabetes, or insulin-dependent diabetes. Consisting of only 10% of all the diabetic people, these patients inject artificial insulin throughout their lives. They also need to follow a proper diet plan and need a regular check up of their blood-glucose levels.

The body of patients suffering from type 2 diabetes either does not produce enough of insulin or the cells in the body become insulin resistant. This type of diabetes covers about 90% of all the worldwide cases. Some people are able to control the diabetes of type 2 by reducing some of their weight following a healthy eating plan and doing some sort of physical exercise; and regularly monitoring their blood sugar levels. Although, type 2 diabetes usually gets worse and the patient probably has to take insulin tablets in later age.

Overweight or obesity, physical inactivity and eating unhealthy choice of foods contribute to develop the risk of type 2 diabetes. Studies suggests that drinking 1 can of soda or any other aerated drinks raises the direct risk of developing type 2 diabetes by about 22 percent. Age is another factor that increases the chances of getting type 2 diabetes as we grow older due to inactiveness and immobility. Strong medical history and people of Middle East, Africa or South Asia are another major factor that contributes in risk of developing the diabetes.

Gestational Diabetes is the type of diabetes that occurs among females during pregnancy. Some women have very high amount of blood glucose and their body is not able to generate enough insulin. Majority of patients suffering from gestational diabetes are capable to control their problem of diabetes with the help of exercise and diet. Around 10 to 20 percent of these patients need to be prescribed by blood-glucose-controlling medicines. If it left undiagnosed or uncontrolled then it can increase the complications during childbirth. The new-born baby may be bigger in size than normal.

Women, whose diets were high in animal fat and cholesterol before their pregnancy, have a high risk of developing gestational diabetes as compared to those women whose diets were low.

Day-by-day, diabetes is still rising and needs to be handled with proper care, as the severe case causes coma and deaths. Diabkil capsule is an herbal remedy that is invented for the permanent treatment of high blood sugar. When the human body decreases its natural tendency to form insulin by its own at enough quantity or the body becomes insulin resistant (type 2) then its blood sugar goes up uncontrollably. Diabkil capsules increase the formation of insulin in the body. Diabkil capsule also regenerates beta cells that secrete insulin, so that the body gets adequate quantity of insulin. This is a type of high blood sugar levels treatment that keeps the liver healthy and the triglyceride and cholesterol levels in check.

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