Will A Scotts Steering Damper Improve My Riding Experience?

By: Isaac Wanamaker

We use the Scotts Performance steering stabilizer kits on a number of our motorcycles. (A steering stabilizer is also referred to as a 'damper'). This kit fits seamlessly on our F800GS and our race spec R6ís and it works great. I like the slight increase in bar height for the F800gs (about 1-inch, so most people won't even notice) because it makes road riding a little more comfortable and still works great off-road while standing up. The Scotts 'SUB-Mount' kit mounts under the handlebars so the damper is tucked out of the way while it does your dirty work. Overall, it serves to keep the bike moving forward without allowing the bars to flick back and forth violently, which helps to keep you in control.

I've ridden the F800GS through the sandy Mojave desert in California numerous times. I had very limited experience on a big dual sport bike at first, and the Scotts steering damper did its job helping me keep the bars straight and stabilizing the bike on every single ride. I don't know what I would have done without it. Sand is a major challenge on a big dual sport motorcycle and there were numerous occasions where I needed all the help I could get.

One thing to consider about the F800GS Scotts SUB Mount kit†(and any dual purpose kit for that matter) will be whether you will actually be riding off-road or not. We simplified your options by labeling them as either On Road Only or a combination On/Off Road. We did this after speaking with Scotts Performance at length about what that actually means with regard to how the stabilizer operates. With their advice and consideration we reached the conclusion that if you will be doing any of your riding off-road you will want to opt for the On/Off Road option. That way, the rebound dampening of the On Road version will not inhibit the motorcycle's handling off-road.

Our race spec R6ís use a Scotts steering damper at the track and these help with right/left transitions and helps us with general full lean stability. Additionally, steering dampers help stop tank slappers and provide general control stability while riding aggressively. Like any modification to a sportbike, itís best to find mods that give you more confidence and ultimately allow you to ride safer.

Scotts Performance is making a top-notch product that is useful in any discipline of motorcycle riding. We've had great success over the years with the Scotts damper at track days and canyon riding on various sportbikes. Whether you have a dirt bike, enduro, dual sport or sportbike a scotts steering damper will improve your ride!

Scotts Performance is making a choice item that is of service in any control of bike riding. We've had extraordinary victory through the years with the Scotts damper at track days and gulley riding on different sportbikes. If you have an earth two wheeler, enduro, double game or sportbike a scotts directing damper will enhance you.

One thing to recognize about the F800gs Scotts SUB Mount kit†(and any double reason unit besides) will be if you will really be riding rough terrain or not. We rearranged your choices by marking them as either On Road Only or a blending On/off Road. We did this in the wake of talking with Scotts Performance finally about what that really means as to how the stabilizer works. With their counsel and thought we arrived at the conclusion that in the event that you will be doing any of your riding rough terrain you will need to choose the On/off Road choice. That way, the bounce back hosing of the On Road form won't hinder the bike's taking care of rough terrain.

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Sigmund Renalt is a motorcycle enthusiast that enjoys riding motorcycles on road, off-road and somewhere in between. He has an insatiable thirst for adventure and loves buying Motorcycle Parts online. For more information about Scotts Steering Dampers please visit www.solomotoparts.com

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