Wii vs PS3 - Six Features to Compare Before selecting Your Console

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One of several questions people ask me essentially the most, is which video games console they must buy - a Wii vs PS3. It is a very hard question to reply to available as one sentence because two wii controllers are so distinctive from 1 another.

The features of both consoles rise above simple gaming, and the best console will be the the one which matches your own self.

That will help you result in the right decision, allow me to share the 6 most significant features to take into account when you compare the Wii vs PS3:


The Nintendo wii console is designed for those who never played games before. The Wii mote controller forces you to think that you're within the game, and fosters a gaming experience which is a real thrill.

The Wii are at its best when you're messing around with several grouped friends.

It always is amazing to me how much fun we've with your friends each time we use on the Wii. Everyone gets really involved with it even if they've never played video game titles before. Playing the Wii definitely features a WOW factor concerning this.

In contrast, the Ps3 was made with gamers as the primary goal. Everything from the sleek black lines of the console, for the High Definition graphics and massive hard drive space heightens the senses of more capable gamers. The PS3 is a wonderful machine to get some mates together, and spening too much time playing the latest shooter or your chosen sports game.

Kind of GAMES

The simplest good reason that the Wii has grown to be such hot property all over the world happens because the Wii games are simple for everyone to pick up and play. The Wii mote controller put in at home to get down and quite a few from the games have fairly basic stories.

As an alternative to complex characters and cutscenes, Wii games are designed to be highly interactive as well as a little quirky. The characters tend to be outrageous as well as the emphasis from the Wii games is often on fun than you are on winning.

PS3 games tend to be part video gaming and part movie production when compared to the Wii games. Action games for your PS3 have complex characters and stories, along with the games bring the characters your over the highly detailed action and cinematic cutscenes that colligate the past, present and future of the leading characters.

The majority of the sports games, music games and action games for the PS3 can be found around the Wii, although these are often cut down versions with the PS3 game. The stronger graphics and processing ability with the PS3 make Playstation's games more difficult, more intense, and much more satisfying if you are a highly skilled gamer.


Although graphics within the Wii are extremely, very good, the Wii doesn't always have High Definition (HD) capability. The PS3 has full HD capability plus the PS3 games have stunning, life-like graphics.

Most Wii games are made with bright, crisp graphics. This creates an increasingly playful and relaxed gaming experience that attracts both younger and less experienced gamers. The graphics in many PS3 games, however, take advantage of the HD image quality, which enables it to be beautiful to see.


The Wii has some great online features and not all games might be played against many people online. The Wii Shop is where to get downloadable games and software for your Wii. The ps3 controllers is loaded with lots of great games and where can i buy a cheap ps3 controller to download, and new content is released every week. The Wii's online service is a lot more centered on social network through the Miis, friends forums and sharing photos, than you are on doing offers against others.

Sony is busy developing a social network for PS3 users called "Home" but it's had some major problems and it is still being built!

The PS3 Store carries a good align of game demos and downloadable content for games, and is a match with the Wii Shop in this region. At this time the PS3's online features will be more centered on winning contests against other folks online, this also is the place the genuine action is when you are going online together with your PS3.


The PS3 might be more of the complete entertainment system versus the Wii.

The Wii was created to play video games and occasionally surf the internet throughout the Wii internet browser. The Wii can't play DVDs or CDs, so you'll use it mostly to experience games and engage with your friends via the internet. This may not be a challenge though in the event you curently have a DVD player plus a CD player.

The PS3 sells itself as a possible entertainment system rather than a pure video game system. On the list of PS3's key features is the built-in Blu Ray DVD player for watching High Definition DVDs. The PS3 could also play regular DVDs, CDs and MP3 music files. You may also store your music for the PS3's disc drive just like you do on your desktop.


Nintendo has generated the Wii to be a no frills video gaming system that's created to provide great gaming experience. It plays great games and yes it plays them brilliantly!

Because Nintendo has cut down the expensive entertainment and graphics hardware, the Nintendo wii console is actually comparatively cheap at $250 in the usa and 179 in britain. It's affordable to lots of people, and furthermore , as the games will not be as complicated to produce because PS3 games, the Wii games are cheaper to get than PS3 games too.

The PS3 has gorgeous graphics, an increased Definition Blu Ray DVD player, a large hard disk drive, wireless internet and great looks. But all of this comes at a price...

The PS3 costs $399 in the US and 279 in great britan.

THE WII VS PS3 Roll up

These are the basic 6 most important features to look at when comparing the Wii vs PS3!

The Wii is a superb game titles console certain to give you, your friends and relations countless hours of fun and laughter. While not complicated, the games are entertaining and quirky plus the console is relatively cheap. Appear playing more casual games and you're simply buying video game titles console that can bring friends together for the wonderful time every time, then the wii remote motion plus may be the perfect console to suit your needs.

If you are more of a hardcore gamer and you are clearly looking for a gaming experience that stimulates your senses with stunning graphics, complex stories along with a complete Hi-d entertainment system too, next , i recommend spending your money with a Sony PS3.

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