Why the Size of Guinea Pig Cages is Important

By: Malcolm Nguyen

Guinea pigs are a very lovable and likable animal to won as a pet as they are friendly and sociable animals that you can get a lot of enjoyment from. If you are going to buy a guinea pig you will need to make sure that they have the right environment to live in and this will mean looking at guinea pig cages. As with any type of pet that lives in a cage you must make sure that your guinea pig has enough space, so why the size of guinea pig cages is important and how much space do they need?

To start with you need to know that the minimum space for one guinea pig to be comfortable is 7.5 square feet although more is preferred. If you have two guinea pigs you will need to increase this to a preferred space of 10.5 square feet. You might think that these sounds like a large area but to provide the minimum for one animal you will need to look at guinea pig cages that are 30” x 36” in size. So when you are shopping you need to check out the sizes to ensure that your animal or animals will have enough room to exercise and play.

When you are able to give your guinea pigs plenty of space to run around in they will be much happier and healthier, which is something that you will be looking for as a committed pet owner. If you are buying a cage for the home the most common are made from plastic with a mesh wire fence around the sides and top and they should include a lockable door which will keep the pets inside the cage when you want them to be. If you are buying for outside it is usual to buy a wooden cage that has wire sides and top and has a covered area for the guinea pigs to shelter, keep warm and sleep. Make sure that you buy high quality backyard guinea pig cages as these will be durable and make sure that your pets are safe at all times.

Another reason to think about the size of guinea pig cages is that the larger they are the easier they will be to clean. You should look for easy clean guinea pig cages when shopping as you will need to make sure that the floor and walls and especially the corners are free from debris and waste as this can cause ill health in your pets. So don’t get fooled into thinking that the smaller a cage is the easier it will be to clean as this is not the case.

Finally if you are breeding guinea pigs you will need to look for even larger guinea pig cages as pregnant females and young animals need more space. When you are shopping pay attention to the dimensions of the cages you are interested in and you will be able to make the right choice for your purchase.

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