Why the Obesity Epidemic is Spreading to Animals 4 Reasons

By: Hayden

1. Table Scraps Richer
The jump of more than 40 percent of body weight in rats trapping wild in the streets of Baltimore may reflect the growing wealth of their food as they feed they waste our calorie dense more.
Animals eat our leftovers that get as fat as we are of it. Fifty years ago our leftovers were less likely to be an extra value meal at your local fast food chain and this is true for pets as well. If you feed and human food you do not eat healthy, They will not eat healthy either.

2. Lifestyle interior
Nearly one million American 89 pets are overweight or obese, season the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. And just like humans, weight problems thesis puts em at risk of diabetes, arthritis, hypertension, and a host of other diseases.
Such person as a pet, our pets follow our instructions. If you are active and love to play outside, you are more likely to take your pet on walks, throwing the ball away, and take 'em hiking. On the other hand, our society more animals inside means clustering qui les Spend more and more time asleep on the couch while we watch TV. Your cat may look at a bird on the tube, Rather Than venturing outside to catch. Solon Cairn Rescue cats and outdoor cats roam outside that does not grow generally. It's That Are cats left inside who suffer from boredom and lack of exercise.

3. Toxins in our water supply
I talked about the pollution in our water supply before the results of a series of toxins and pharmaceuticals. According To the New York Times, a survey of 139 across the country rivers EPA found that 80 percent of the samples contained residues of drugs such as hormones, analgesics, blood pressure medications, or antibiotics. Allison and his team discovered qui se toxins in the water disrupt the endocrine system of animals that can literally slow the metabolism of a mammal.

4. Spoiling Our Pets
We tend to spoil our pets, especially if we feel guilty leaving 'em alone for a good portion of the day while we are at work. Contain some treat too many calories, as well as snack man. Some of the biggest chews peut up to 600 calories, which some dogs are a daily allowance of calories, season the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention. Treats are rich in nutrients and this coupled with feeding our dogs junk food table for a puppy is overweight.
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