Why switch to VoIP?

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Switching various service providers can be a bit trying and often work out to be a bit of a waste of time. Sure, sometimes you can stand to make substantial initial savings from switching your utility providers or your cable TV provider, but after time you find that you are paying pretty much the same as you were previously the same service. VoIP on the other hand is different. Voice over Internet protocol of VoIP is a method of using the Internet to make and receive telephone calls.
So why switch to VoIP? If you are considering switching from your regular telephone provider to a VoIP service provider there are certain things that you need to know in order to make sure that you are making the right choice. Here are some of the benefits that you can expect to receive when you switch your telephone provider to a VoIP telephone provider.
∑ VoIP calls are much cheaper than regular telephone calls - even long distance on overseas calls are a fraction of the price. This is not an introductory offer, once you are on a payment plan using VoIP you will stay paying the same price for all of your calls - something which many of the regular telephone service providers cannot promise.
∑ PC to PC calls using VoIP are totally free. The only requirement is that both parties involved in the call have a PC with an Internet connection and have they required software to connect the call. This is perfect for anyone who wishes to speak to friends and family in another country or overseas and wants to benefit from free telephone calls.
∑ VoIP providers offer different payment plans according to your needs. So, if you are a business who makes hours and hours of calls each day you can speak to your provider and find the perfect payment plan for you and your needs.
∑ Many of the VoIP providers even offer extra features such as conference calling, caller ID, and for phone services, call forwarding and much more. Often many of these features, standards with a basic VoIP package so they are well worth considering as many of the traditional telephone companies expect users to pay extra for such features.
∑ VoIP is easy to setup - you can simply go online and sign up with a service provider within minutes. Adding extra telephone lines is also a breeze using VoIP. Many businesses have found that they are making substantial savings by requesting extra lines through their VoIP provider rather than having a telephone company come out and physically install a new telephone line.
∑ Working from home is also made much easier when a business or individual chooses to switch to a voice over Internet protocol service provider as the only thing that is needed to make calls it a PC and an Internet connection.
Now that you can see the many different benefits of using VoIP the decision to switch should be much easier.

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