Why should you have a merchant account?

By: Richard Cooper

The world in general and customers especially, are in a hurry. As far as selecting and buying is concerned, many customers are impulsive and prefer to finish the transaction instantly when they see something that catches their fancy. If the seller does not give them credit card payment options, they may simply turn to another shop for their requirements. That is why merchant service is indispensable for businessmen.

People may not be carrying cash all the time, and that is another reason why credit card payment option becomes important for them. While the quality of merchandize is an important criterion that defines customer choices, shopping conveniences play an equally important role in modern manís shopping preferences. This is what underscores the need for every business owner to have a merchant account that is managed by a good merchant service.

People may come across a certain service that they are in need of, at some unexpected time, through some third party contact. They may not be carrying either a checkbook or cash at that time. But most people carry a credit card these days and so far as credit card payment option is there, there is every possibility that he would book the services. So far as the service provider has a merchant account he would instantly gain a customer.

Merchant service providers offer different types of merchant account, which merchants can choose, based on their business needs. Shopping is done both online and offline, and those who peddle their goods online must have a merchant account with online transaction processing, known as Internet account. This merchant service provides the seller with an online payment processing system through a virtual gateway. Customersí card payment will be collected through it and deposited in the sellerís merchant account.

Then there is the offshore merchant account, which is necessary for those who deal in international goods, in foreign exchange markets where they buy and sell currencies, or in international stocks and shares. A high-risk account is a form of merchant account that should ideally be availed by those traders who are likely to expose the merchant service to comparatively bigger levels of risk. Those merchants who deal in goods that are likely to be damaged easily, or could be returned by customers at a high rate, or involve such goods that can be delivered only after a lengthy period from the date on which the order is placed, may require this form of merchant account.

There is another form of merchant account known as high volume merchant account, a form of merchant service provided to those who deal in high volume goods. Each of the merchant account incurs different types of charges. The onus is upon the business owner to choose the merchant account that is suitable for the business that he handles.

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