Why is professional indemnity insurance cover required?

By: Sunil Punjabi

In the present day working ambience, people involved in all type of consultancies, and professions that involve giving advice to others, require professional indemnity insurance cover. The working environment is highly commercial, competitive and consumer oriented today. The very professional ambience makes inadvertent errors in judgment possible. So, to survive in a profession despite that, an individual should essentially have business risk protection. What professional indemnity insurance cover essentially does is ensure a professional a healthy financial restoration even if there are setbacks en route the way to succeeding in the chosen business.

Consumer is the king today and the law has abundant provisions for letting him get recompense for any loss or pain he has suffered in the course of availing professional help from another. Consumers can bring complaints against the business owner on grounds of libel, slander, negligence, breach of confidentiality, infringement of rights, and other similar grounds. The borderline of right and wrong in these legal-ethical conundrums is always blurred and having a professional indemnity insurance cover will help the professional or business owner to carry on the work with confidence and without fear of financial loss in any eventuality.

Professional indemnity insurance cover is as much, or more, helpful to the client as it is to the business owner. When a professional has business risk protection, a client who suffers monetary loss as a result of negligence, or error, or omission on the part of the professional, is ensured of getting reimbursed so long as his claims are true. Because of it, clients themselves find it more comfortable to work with professionals who have professional indemnity insurance cover, as it involves added financial security to the business at hand. What a business insurance essentially does is meet the expenses involved in defending the policy holder and pay to the client the damages that are found to be payable to him.

The amount of professional indemnity insurance cover which a person requires will vary from profession to profession and can be decided by the individual based upon the type of risks involved in his profession, and the type of legal costs to which the business could become liable in the case of a complaint of libel or slander. Some of the authorizing bodies provide guidelines on minimum levels of cover required for different professions. Many business insurance providers recommend 250,000 as a reasonable amount of professional indemnity insurance cover that business owners should opt for. Business insurances up to 10,000,000 or more are provided by different business insurance providers, based on the nature of the job and the volume of the business that the professional handles.

With increasing consumer awareness as a result of education and internet availability, and advancing automation technologies that businesses rely on, proper professional indemnity insurance cover is a requirement for the smooth functioning of any business. It is a requirement of the business owner as well as his client.

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