Why do we need a PC tune up every so often?

By: Tammy

Why do we need a PC tune up every so often?

Computers carry just as much baggage as it can handle, and it is up to us to lessen the burden it carries. This means it is our duty and responsibility to maintain and clean up our computer system as often as possible to ensure a smooth running process.

What causes computers to act up?

Software is the most common thing to slow a system down. You would be surprised to know how much junk loads up when you start up your computer. With that being said, it is very important to uninstall any unnecessary programs from the control panels add/remove or programs menu that you know you are never going to use. Be careful though, not to remove programs such as virus scanners, etc. Manufacturers like to pre-load advertising and trial-ware software. Some trial-ware can be different types of Internet connections, Office products, and system related advertising.

Here are a few pointers that help you determine itís time for a full tune up.

Freezing or locking up of programs, long startup and shutdown times, general computer slowness.

Malware (malicious software that includes viruses and spyware), excessive programs, large volume of old or divided data on your computer, lack of memory to support computer function.

Following these simple steps, more than often, helps restore your computerís vigor in no time:

Run an antivirus scan using a program such as Microsoft Forefront Client Security: Checks for and removes viruses, gets rid of junk on your hard disk and improves your PC's performance.

Run and anti-malware scan using a program such as Malwarebytes: Scans your system to identify and remove/disinfect trojans, rouge software, browser hijackers, spyware/adware and other malware components.

Uninstall unnecessary software using the 'Add or Remove Programs' Control Panel: Safely removes program files and their components.

Perform a Disk Cleanup: Searches and analyzes the hard drive for files that are no longer needed. It them proceeds to remove the unnecessary files, freeing up disk space on the hard drive.

Defragment your hard drive: moves files around on the hard drive to occupy solid sections of information storage locations on the hard drive. The purpose is to optimize the time it takes to read and write files to/from the disk.

Seeking assistance from computer professionals usually gives you an opportunity to identify the psyche of a computer and its deeper functionalities. Remote PC tune up service experts are normally the most chosen option because of the 24X7 availability and instant support provided. They tend to look to more than one aspect of a sluggish computer and have a wide array of tools and resources to educate and assist you on how to elongate the life of your PC.

Some of the services offered are:
Personal Monitoring of the Tune up and Your Machine
Full, Initial Health Check and Hardware Analysis
Registry Cleaning and Optimization
Virus Scan
Malware Scan
Hard drive Optimization
Memory Optimization
Windows Update Management
Windows System Security Measures
3rd Party Application Checks
Comprehensive, Post Tune Up Health Check and Complete Tune Up Report!

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Tammy Harris is a Computer Technician who works on PC Tune Up Service remotely. And would like to give his tips on virus removal and computer repairs.

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