Why do People Steal from Vending Machines?

By: Robert Farnham

Theft from vending machines is a huge problem in our society. People continue to do it though and to some it is no big deal. Yet the law and owners of these vending machines are getting tougher. Many of the owners have video cameras in place. Should they find anyone stealing from the on it, they will turn the tapes over to the police for further investigation.

There are many in our society that believe it is only young kids that are likely to steal from vending machines. Yet there are just as many adults participating in this type of behavior. Many of them don't really think twice about doing it. Yet they would never walk into a convenient store and steal a soda from the cooler in there. What makes it so different in their minds then?

If you ask a group of people if they think it is a big deal to steal from a vending machine they will likely tell you no. They don't see any big deal with getting a free soda or a free pack of donuts on occasion. Where this concept that the vending machine owes them something for free comes from is unknown. Yet it definitely isn't one that is right by any means.

There are plenty of different ways in which individuals steal from vending machines. Some people have change on a string. They are able to put into the vending machine to count it and then to pull it back out again. Some will contact the owner of the vending machine and tell them they got ripped off a dollar. This many seem like a small thing again, but if you do it across town with quite a few vending machines that is a pocketful of money you didn't really have to begin with.

Other types of stealing from a vending machine are on a larger scale. They involve taking all the products that are inside of it. This often results in the vending machine being severely broken or completely destroyed. They may take these items for their own use or sell them to make some profits off of them.

Of course generally they will also go as far as to steal the money that is in the vending machine as well. In many instances they will case it out for a while before they do so. They will learn the pattern of when the owner comes to refill it with supplies and to empty the money. They will then steal from it the day before when it should be at its fullest with dollars and coins inside of it.

Taking items out of the vending machine may seem like an extreme, yet some people continue to go further than that. They are bold enough to rip off the entire vending machine. They will clear it out of merchandise and money. They will either leave it abandoned or try to sell it to someone that has no clue it has been stolen.

There are many reasons why people steal from vending machines. Even though some of them tend to be socially acceptable, non of them are right. You wouldn't want someone taking things that belong to you. It doesn't matter what the cost involved is so don't kid yourself that no harm has been done. Those that are trying to make a living with a vending machine business are feeling the burden of your actions.

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Robert Farnham built a profitable vending business after starting totally the wrong way. He now writes about building a vending locating business and the pitfalls to avoid. Visit his website at My Vending Uncle for more.

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