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There are numerous kinds of books that are being authored and read all around the world today. These books are categorized into various niches and therefore intended for a diverse range of audiences. That is why you would come across books of various sizes today. Kids in preparatory school might prefer smaller books while people in business management positions might want lengthy material that can enable them get useful information needed for managerial decision making. Whichever case that is, books are of great importance today just like they were a couple of years ago.

Most people do not require or love lengthy pieces of information. In fact such kinds of information are normally quite hard to read and decipher. A majority would actually prefer condensed pieces of information that makes sense to them. However, most authors today do not seem to be heeding the calls of most of the readers. A majority of them still prefer to load people with information. Even if they write lengthy pieces of books, most of them have realized ways through which they can create interest in the readers to read their books. The use of book summaries has been adopted all over the world today. Just as the term suggests, a book summary is a condensed version of the information that is contained in the entire book. Most of the books that you would come across today in bookshops or whichever places have got book summaries.

Apart from the book summary, there are also some authors who prefer to use book chapter summaries. Again, in this case, the author creates summaries of each of the chapters contained in the book separately. The book summary is lengthier than a chapter summary. This is because a book summary is a synopsis kind of the information that is contained in the entire book. On the other hand, a chapter summary is just but a compressed version of the information contained in that particular chapter. Therefore, most readers out there would be at ease reading books with chapter by chapter summaries rather than those with just one book summary. This is because with the help of the chapter summaries, they are more likely to locate the kind of specific information they are looking for.

These summaries are in common-place use in the modern day. This is because majority of readers no longer love to read books that contain no summaries. This is especially the case if the books are too lengthy. Therefore if you an author today, you need to make good use of chapter and book summaries.

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