Why a Professional Photographer Can't Be Substituted

By: Raph Daryl

Being a photographer seems to have become the new popular cliché like the job of the writer used to be some time ago. No disrespect intended towards good photographers though – actually, we mean the exact opposite. With the prices of good cameras going down so steadily, everyone can afford a nice camera nowadays, packed full of fancy features and effects. And with that, it's inevitable that a lot of people would like to call themselves "photographers" based simply on the device they're holding in their hands.

But photography is not about the price of your equipment – it's about the ability to capture a moment with all its emotions in a way that even if someone who wasn't there sees the picture later on, they'll be able to feel exactly what everyone else felt at the time. This is a unique skill that takes a lot of time to develop, and there's a good reason why professional photographers are so commonly sought after.

And when the time comes for you to hold an important event, it might feel very tempting to just hire that friend of yours who always keeps bragging about the great shots he's taken with his expensive camera. But if that person isn't actually a professional photographer with a long-running portfolio, you're setting yourself for not only disappointment, but also trouble in some cases.

The consequences of having an amateur work for you can vary according to the event in question, but in the best case scenario you're going to end up with a lot of blurry shots showing random people with no sense of direction at all, and you'll never see those perfect shots that truly captivate the moment in there.

On the other hand, a good photographer who knows what they're doing will come in, set up their equipment, direct light in an appropriate way to set the mood for the photos as best as possible, then work with your guests to give you the best kinds of shots you can imagine. This is another important aspect of a photographer's job – they know how to work with people to get them to do what they want, which plays a big role in the final outcome of a photographer's job. If you can't organize a bunch of people to stay together for a few seconds while you get a good shot of them, your work likely isn't going to be that good at social events.

All in all, avoid ruining your event and hire someone you know you can trust to pull off a good job in capturing your event in photos and film properly. Is it going to cost you more? Sure, probably – but you get what you pay for when it comes to photography, and considering that this is something which is supposed to last forever and keep reminding you of that special day for as long as possible, it really makes no sense to be cheap about it. Spend the kind of money you need to ensure the job gets done properly, and enjoy revisiting that day for many years to come!

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