Why You Should Not Start A Home Based Business

By: David Lim

It seems that every Tom, Dick and Harry are starting a home business these days. If you were to buy into the ads, you are going to make pretty good money without too much effort, time and skills. Also, not much money will be needed.
While there are definitely exceptions to every rule, it will be fair to say that for most people, their experience in starting a home based business is the direct opposite from what the hype would have you believe.
I have been surfing the Internet for quite some time, and have also explored home based businesses in some detail. In the beginning, I thought that anyone with the drive to work hard, and a little smart, can enjoy and make a success of a home based business. But now, I think that only some types of people are suitable for such a business, and would enjoy it.
Although the ads tell you that any Tom, Dick and Harry can start a home based business and make it into a flourishing business, the reality is far different. Not all can make an online business a success and I have listed some traits and reasons which you should NOT have to start a home based business.
If You Are Looking At A Home Business To Replace Your Present Job
You are going to be retrenched next month. You have about 2 months worth of savings in the bank. You are going to work doubly hard at a home business to make sure that it will make good money by the third month so that you can put food on the table and not miss any payments.
If You Are Not Open To Learning New Skills
You are not open to nor are interested in learning new skills. You intend to rely on everything you already know to run your business and have no intention of learning anything new even if it is called for or if your business requires it.
If You Don't Have The Entrepreneurial Spirit
You are at your best when somebody tells you what to do. Words like leader, visionary or entrepreneur just does not apply to you. When asked to lead a project, you break out in a cold sweat and will try whatever you can to get out of it.
If You Are In Need Of Money Now
You are starting a home based business with the expectation that it will earn you a few hundred dollars a month - just in time to pay for the house mortgage. Everything else is already stretched to the limit and the home business is your last hope.
If You Don't Want To Work Really Hard
You are always browsing the advertisements on the Internet about opportunities that make you a lot of money but requires very little work and skill, hoping to find the one opportunity that delivers on their promise. You have absolutely no intention of working hard to build your business and are actually looking for a way to get rich quick.
In Conclusion
Even if you are in just one of the categories above, do take it seriously. A home based business might not be rocket science, but it certainly isn't as easy as it is usually made out to be and you definitely do not want to start one if you are handicapped in any way.

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David Lim is the webmaster of a site that talks about starting and running a successful home based business. If you are going to resign from your job and start a home business, his site will undoubtedly help you make it succeed.

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