Why You Should Consider Buying Wooden Jewelry Cases

By: Leonardo Riddle

Jewelry is one of the most valuable possessions of an individual. While some pieces of jewelry are valued because they are made using expensive materials, others are important because they have emotional value. The human fascination with jewels is hundreds and thousands of years old, and people have given importance to containers which are used to store these items.

Jewelry cases may be made using a variety of materials such as metal, wood, high-impact plastic, etc. and each of these options have their own pros and cons. Wood is a material which has been used to make jewelry cases for a very long time. Boxes made of wood are popular these days as well.

Wooden jewelry cases are popular for a number of reasons. Here is a look at some of them.


Wood is preferred over other materials because of its natural beauty. Different types of wood look different, and provide a unique appearance. The inherent beauty of the material is often enhanced by staining and varnishing. Wooden jewelry cases can be custom made as well. This way, you get to tell the carpenter exactly how you want it to look. The carpenter will then varnish and stain it accordingly.


Most wooden jewelry boxes are made by hand. This gives you a chance to own something that is one of a kind. Even though some carpenters make copies of the same box, it is rarely the exact same piece. There are often variations because of the fact that it is handmade. By going through the entire collection available, you will be able to pick one that you like. In some cases, you might be able to commission the production of a special jewelry case by providing your specifications. However, this will cost extra due to the extra work involved.

Affordably priced

The items used in the production of a wooden box are pretty easy to come by and not very expensive. However, price would also depend on the kind of wood you choose and the amount of work done on it. Fine materials such as mahogany, tea, maple, etc. would cost more than others. If the box is highly ornamented, you will have to pay extra.

Custom stain options

With wood, you get the option of choosing the stain and finish you want. Even though it is not a popular choice, you even have the option of making your jewelry case look like the rest of your house. Most people prefer a natural looking case which does not clash with the styling of the house, and looks elegant as well.

There are a number of features of wooden boxes that make them extremely popular. If you are looking to buy a wooden jewelry case, you should consider using the internet to conveniently buy a piece that you like. In case wood does not appeal to you, you should consider other materials as well. For people on a tight budget, plastic is a great option.

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Wooden jewellery cases are preferred because of its unique natural beauty and elegant appearance. Visit this site to know some of the other reasons.

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