Why You Should Avoid Buying Cheap Restaurant Furniture

By: Mark Long

Restaurant furniture is expensive, but it is an important part of your business. It may be tempting to buy cheap restaurant furniture in order to save on costs. The truth is though that this does not help you in the long run. It is still possible to find good prices on good quality furniture, but low cost should not be the main reason why you buy it.

Your company image

If your restaurant tables and chairs are low quality, your customers will be able to see it. Things such as missing paint, loose screws, or easily scratched surfaces can give your business a shoddy image. Restaurant furniture should be built to last. It receives a lot more wear and tear than regular home or office furniture. Strong, long-lasting materials should be used so you can get the most from your money. Your guests may come to your restaurant for the food, but their comfort is important too. What they see on the outside can affect how they see your restaurant on the inside. By buying good quality, you are showing a good company image. This doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money, it just means that the price shouldn’t be the number one selling feature.

Short term savings cost more in the long run

Finding a low price might seem like a good way to save money. But in the long run, it can cost you a lot more in maintenance. Cheap restaurant furniture is harder to clean and needs to be fixed up more often. Surfaces may need repainting, and chairs can fall apart. If you have to spend money changing broken parts every year, it can really add up. By spending money on good furniture from the start, you can actually spend less in the long-term.

Quality can mean function.

Your restaurant furniture is one of the tools for your business. Guests need to be able to come and go easily, and your staff needs to be able to use it for daily tasks. Restaurant tables and chairs should have sizes and shapes that match. They should be easy to move around a room. If your chairs don’t stack together properly, or your tables wobble, you may feel frustrated and want to buy to better furniture after all. Many seating companies can help you find styles that are best for your restaurant. There are a lot of different prices out there, but as long as you look for good materials, you should be able to stay within your budget.

Safety first

A disadvantage of buying cheap restaurant furniture is that you might ending up risking your customers’ safety. If chairs fall apart or tables create spills, people could end up getting hurt. Sharp edges, corners and loose screws and nails can cause injury. Or you could find yourself with a lawsuit. Carefully check out the tables and chairs before you buy them. An accident can mean less business, and cost more money in the long run.

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Mark Long has owned and operated high-end restaurants in Brisbane for thirty years. He made the mistake of buying cheap restaurant furniture before and learned his lesson. He looks for good quality when buying restaurant tables and chairs. He and his family now live in the West End.

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